Reaction Guys meme was a famous meme in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe from 2004 to the present. Let’s dig a little deeper into how Reaction Guys became meme material for millions of Internet and social media users around the globe.

The origin of the Reaction Guys meme

Reaction Guys became an internet sensation from the Japanese TV show. Reaction Guys are four characters in the Japanese TV show Gaijin 4Koma in 2003. These guys showed their reaction when Nintendo announced their new title. 

Reasons why It went Viral

The Reaction Guys meme became viral because of their energetic celebration reaction photograph and a disappointed reaction photograph. Many users across the internet picked it up to express unexpected happy moments, victories, Something extraordinary, or Disappointment

The “Reaction Guys Meme” was used to express various expressions by many communities across the social media sphere.

Here are some cool ones we found.

Current situation of Reaction Guys meme’s original creators

The Reaction guys meme is still popular among internet and social media users since 2004. The original creators of this image are Matt Casamassina, Craig Harris, Chadd Chamers, and Peer Schneider. It is not clear what they are doing now.

Links to Original Reaction Guys files

Original Reaction Guys files

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