All around the world and all cultures have a list of “men should not do”. However, in the 21st century, those limits can’t apply to current society. But there, all the platforms talk about what shouldn’t men be judged for doing. Here are some of the top answers for the question

What shouldn’t men be judged for doing?

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What shouldn't men be judged for doing

Here are the answers from men of Reddit 

1. Complementing another man

complementing another man

This is one of the most-voted answers to that question, and it is pretty cool, I guess. Complimenting another man is a pretty cool thing, and in social relationships, it creates good bonds between people.

2. Interacting with kids

Interacting with kids

Here is another most voted answer, and it is true, I guess. Sometimes we can see women hanging around with kids, and all say it’s cool. But if a grown man hangs with kids, they say, “you are a man bro don’t be a kid”. Don’t we all have a kid living inside of us?

3. Seeking help

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This is another social opinion of society. And it is not right, I think. Sometimes men need help with all their things. Like financially and mentally, and always it’s ok to get help.

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