In a time of deep thinking, we all imagine changing the world. Sometimes it might be the way to end all our problems. Actually, what If you had that one power to remove one thing from the world entirely, What would it be? Here are the most voted  #AnswerReddit from Reddit

If you could remove ONE thing from the world, what would it be?




According to transparency.org, corruption defines as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. Corruption erodes trust, weakens democracy, hampers economic development, and exacerbates inequality, poverty, social division, and the environmental crisis. Getting rid of corruption can remove many other issues from the world.



Cancer is one of the most dangerous Non-contagious diseases in the world. In 2021 cancer alone caused 10 million death worldwide. Also, over 600,000 USA citizens and 80,000 Canadians Suffer from cancer yearly. But modern medical research found new medications for cancers, and we can hope the values of these numbers will decrease.



Greed generally defines as the intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food. If someone says greed is one of the leading causes of most problems in the world and it’s not wrong. People and countries of the world outdo each other for power and wealth with greed. World war, pollution, and all these problems started with that.

But someones take it funny and replies with bedbugs and taco bell ads.

So if you also have an imagination like this, you can comment below about your opinions.

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