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What Happens to a Person If They Fall into Jupiter?

What Happens to a Person If They Fall into Jupiter

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, has always fascinated astronomers and space enthusiasts. Its massive size and mysterious atmosphere have sparked countless questions about what would happen if a human ventured too close. While it’s impossible for a person to physically fall into Jupiter, we can explore this hypothetical scenario based on scientific knowledge and what we know about the planet’s extreme conditions. So let’s see “What Happens to a Person If They Fall into Jupiter?”

The Journey Begins

If a person were to somehow descend into Jupiter’s atmosphere, they would encounter extraordinary challenges and perils. To start with, Jupiter doesn’t have a solid surface. Instead, it boasts an endless expanse of thick and turbulent atmosphere. Imagine stepping into a place with no solid ground to stand on, only a volatile sea of gases. The intense gravitational forces would subject their body to unimaginable stress. It will cause physical harm and potentially fatal internal injuries.

The Descent

If you go further into Jupiter’s atmosphere, you’ll experience worse and worse conditions. At approximately 300,000 kilometers (200,000 miles) from the planet, deadly radiation would penetrate their space suit, leading to a swift demise. And for sure, it will lead to rapid radiation sickness and death.

However, let’s assume that a person has an advanced, radiation-resistant space suit capable of withstanding this threat. 

Then, they will fall into the atmosphere at nearly 180,000 kilometers per hour (110,000 miles per hour). The gravitational pull of Jupiter is significantly stronger than Earth’s, resulting in this rapid descent.

Cold Ammonia Clouds

The following 250 kilometers (155 miles) beneath the uppermost layer of Jupiter’s atmosphere, the human would encounter the frigid ammonia clouds. Temperatures here would plummet to a bone-chilling -150 degrees Celsius (-240 degrees Fahrenheit). Exposure to such extreme cold without proper protection would lead to frostbite and hypothermia, causing severe damage to the human body.

Stunning but dangerous storms

If you go down into Jupiter’s atmosphere, you could get stuck because the winds are really strong – up to 482 km/h! These winds create a visually stunning but deadly tornado.

The Core 

Suppose the person somehow survives this intense journey. In that case, they will reach a point where the atmosphere becomes thicker and more treacherous. This is where the pressure reaches crazy levels, exceeding 1,000 times that of Earth’s surface pressure. It’s like you are lifting a Boeing jet on your own. The immense atmospheric pressure would crush their body, causing them to collapse under the strain. This is a point of no return, where survival becomes utterly impossible.

Deeper into the Abyss

If they somehow survive they venture deeper, and the environment would grow even more hostile. A strange substance known as “supercritical fluid,” neither liquid nor gas, would surround them. The temperature would surge to levels equivalent to the surface of the Sun. Meanwhile, the pressure continued to mount, reaching an astounding 2 million times that of Earth.

Exploring Jupiter’s harsh conditions makes survival impossible. But at least it is worth to imagine. 

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