What happened on a first date that made you decide against a second date?

Have you ever wondered why a promising first date crashed and burned? We’re diving into the world of first-date blunders. Recently a Redditor asked in askReddit, “What’s something that happened on a first date that made you decide against a second date?“ While some answers are hilarious some are actually disturbing. Get ready for some cringes and laughs as we explore what happened when Reddit users faced off with romance gone wrong.

“He tried to change my order with the waitress because I didn’t order what he’d recommended.”

Imagine your date thinking they’re the ultimate food expert. This date got flipped when a guy tried to play food critic without permission.

“He got us pulled over, car was searched and he had a brick of coke in the trunk. I almost got arrested. He finally vouched this was a blind date and I was innocent.”

Picture this: a date takes a wild turn into illegal territory. It went from ordinary to ‘get me out of here’ real quick, all thanks to a mysterious package in the trunk.

“Being told. “The welts on my crotch aren’t contagious”

Some things should stay private, especially on a first date. But this person decided to share some very personal (and uncomfortable) information.

“A guy cracked a joke about feeding my cat arsenic. I didn’t even finish the date, just got up and left.”

Dark humor has its place, but probably not on a date involving a beloved pet. This date got nixed when a twisted joke went too far.

“Told me that aliens cause jet lag and that I have the ghost of a fisherman following me around named Samuel (on top of the 20 other batshit things she said at dinner).”

This date ventured into the strange and unusual. From alien theories to ghostly companions, this one had it all, leaving everyone bewildered.

“He tried to control the whole date. What I dressed, ate, if I wore makeup or not, how I wore my hair.”

Ever been on a date with someone who thinks they’re your stylist? This tale is about someone who took ‘control freak’ to a whole new level.

“Talked about her ex the whole time.”

Nothing kills a date faster than talking about an ex all night. This date turned into a therapy session, and not the good kind.

“She kept writing to her friends on WhatsApp a play-by-play of the date instead of listening to me, so I stood up, paid my dinner and left because I found it disrespectful af.”

Phones have a way of ruining moments. Instead of connecting, this date turned into a one-sided texting marathon, leaving one person with no choice but to leave.

And there you have it – a peek into some cringe-worthy and laugh-inducing first-date stories from the Reddit crowd. These tales are like cautionary road signs for your own dating journey. Remember, it’s not always about making the best impression, but also avoiding the worst situations. Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below and share your own unforgettable date disasters!

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