Valorant is a fantasy-themed battle game where players can use their powers, fighting abilities, and guns to fight enemies while advancing through the fantasy world.

The game combines a shooter game’s gameplay and that of a fantasy game to give this interesting mix. If you have been playing this game, you’ll notice this combination may make it a little confusing for players especially those used to regular shooting games.

This gets even harder for inexperienced players and this is why we’ve put together this valorant guide to show all players irrespective of experience level, a few tips that can improve their gameplay and skills.

 Use Portal to Scout     

In valorant, portals help players move from one point to the other by disappearing and appearing at their desired location. This portal can also serve other purposes if used properly.

One way you can use a portal is by using it to scout another portal. Drones or spy bots attached to specific players like raze and recon can serve these purposes.

To do this, send this drone into a portal so it comes out at the other side while scanning the new region and relaying information to you. You can then use this information to better coordinate your attacks with your teammates.

Study Patterns

Just like in most other games, patterns are a thing in valorant, most movements, enemy attack, and strategy happens in patterns if you can spot them.

Studying the patterns in the game will allow you to counter these patterns with a better strategy and increase your chances of winning. Most times some agents in the enemy rank will be in a particular location for most of the game, either guarding a site or trying to take over yours.

You can use that to your advantage by sending more agents there to overpower them.

Stand Still to Improve Aim

Valorant has a low time to kill and this makes accuracy even more important. You want every shot to count as you may need more than just one to down an enemy using regular weapons.

Walking or running while shooting will reduce your accuracy. It’ll make it harder for you to target the enemy and take them down. To improve your aim, stop moving before shooting.

This might slow you down if you’re trying to reach a different location quickly but it’s a valid sacrifice to getting your aim right.

Know All Your agents can do

There are so many things your agents can do, so many tricks and skills up their sleeves if only you can unlock them. This is something even experienced players have not completely figured out.

Take your time to consistently search for new agent skills available on the internet. Playing regularly will also help you master these skills. Knowing when to use these skills is quite important as some of them are more effective in particular situations.

Some sites provide constant valorant aimbot tips and cheats to improve your gameplay in valorant.

Stealth is Vital

Keeping a low profile will be best if you’re trying to move to a site or just picking up supplies on the map. Some of the things that can alert your enemies about your location include loud noises, using your powers unnecessarily, and even running in the game.

Running makes a lot of noise and would let your enemies know where you are on the map. Slow down, walk more often, and save your energy while also staying out of your enemy’s radar.

Improve Your Personal Rating

Although this may be a team game, your performance matters a lot. Your rating would be affected drastically if you consistently lose personal battles even if your team wins the match.

To improve your ratings, go for players without cred they are less likely to have bigger weapons, also you should attack the weakest player in the team as you’re more likely to win these battles than when you’re fighting a highly ranked player with lots of powerful weapons and skills.

Take Out Your Knife to Improve Your Speed

Switching to your knife when running will improve your speed. You will get to the desired location faster. But bear in mind you can be caught unawares by the enemy and be killed before you can switch your weapon.

So use this when you’re sure no enemy is close nearby and you want to reach a different area quickly.


Every valorant player should pay attention to these tips as they can improve their skill and make them better players.

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