Why Runescape is still one of the best MMORPGs?

Runescape is a legendary browser-based sandbox MMORPG that was developed in 2001. The game itself was made in the form of a Java application and at the same time provides the player with a full-fledged three-dimensional fantasy world.

The only drawback is that starting to play from the beginning is quite tedious. Therefore, many players turn to boosting services for help. And the first thing you will need to do is obtain enough runescape gold in order to start the game as successfully as possible. Like any MMORPG, Runescape has its own economic system, where gold is the main in-game currency. While it can be quite difficult to mine gold yourself, especially for a beginner, boosting services offer gold at the best price without you having to put in a lot of effort to get it.

The main features of the game, in addition to the cool sandbox mechanics, are really low requirements for both the computer and the Internet. The game is distributed under a subscription system. There is also a free version, but it has limited player options.

How it started

In 2001, the development company used two-dimensional graphics. In 2004, the second version of the game came to replace it with a new engine and 3D graphics. So the game existed until 2013, when the developers decided to release the third improved version of Runescape 3, making it cross-platform. So now you can play it even on your phone. It was truly a breakthrough in quality MMORPG games. Moreover, the game exists in two versions – Runescape 3 and Runescape Old School, which certainly pleases the veterans of the game.


But the most exciting thing about the game is its mechanics. It resembles a real world where there is a player character and there are 25 disciplines, and the essence of the game is role-playing. It means that you need to play the role of your character, explore the world and develop the skills that are needed. In this game, you can even be a rogue, pumping theft skill to cash in on the robbery, as well as dexterity. In this case, you can choose any weapon. Or if you want the role of a tracker, then you need to use a bow, upgrade shooting and agility and start making money from it, pumping the skill of hunting animals to set traps. You can also collect useful herbs, and masterfully kindle fires (and there are many types of fires and ways to make them in the Runescape 3).

The magic here is also a very interesting discipline, which allows you to attack light mages and dark sorcerers who call for help from different creatures. To get spells, you need runes of certain elements.


The game has a system of quests and adventures. Quests are various and they all represent different stories. For example, the very first quest was about saving a girl from bandits. You kill the first archer in close combat. In the next room, you encounter a sorceress who can’t be reached in close combat, and the only way to kill her is to pick up the bow of an opponent who was killed before and shoot the sorceress from a distance. After that, you go down into the crypt and meet the leader, who can be defeated in any way. After each victory, the player was given a moral choice – to let the opponent go or kill him. In some cases, hidden quests are opened. And there are a lot of such quests in the game. Each of them is a separate thrilling story.

Some quests may not be given to you to complete, because, for example, they require a certain profession. And here you can either learn a certain craft or just pass by.


The game also has a PVP zone. There will be both eoc and legacy PVP regions in RS3’s PVP realms. When skilling outside of safe places, EOC PVP environments give a constant doubled XP benefit, and unlike typical dxp live events, items that are stated on the wiki as not doubling or functioning during dxp live really work there.

Runescape is a fantasy adventurer simulator with lots of mechanics and features. There are also adventure zones and achievements. The developers are constantly adding new content and it’s just amazing. It’s news you can learn from their official site.

Runescape is a game where everything is possible, especially in comparison with other MMOs. This game is so cool that in 2022 it had 1.36 million active subscribers, even though it has been around for many years. Therefore, if you are a fan of games of this genre, then we advise you to play Runescape 3.

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Written by Joshua White

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