Celebrities Who Are Gamers

It’s no secret that celebrities have a busy life. Many have simultaneous movie projects going on. Others have songs to compose, record labels to run, and shows and concerts to perform. You’d think they rarely get time to game, let alone do any leisurely activities. However, some celebrities enjoy an occasional game of Minecraft, Mortal Kombat, or World of Warcraft

6 Celebrity Gamers and Their Favorite Games

If you are curious to learn which celebrities are seasoned gaming fans, keep reading. You might be surprised to find your favorite famous person on this list. 

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson, More Celebs At Spike Video Game Awards | WIRED

We all know Samuel L. Jackson for his superhero and villain roles in movies. But what you might not know is he is also a gaming enthusiast. Jackson has actually stated a few times that he finds modern games more entertaining than movies. His love for video games started with Pong and progressed to arcade games and action-adventure games such as Assassin’s Creed. Jackson’s involvement in the gaming industry doesn’t end there. He has voiced many games, with the most popular one being Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where he played the corrupt officer Frank Tenpenny. 

Mathew Perry

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Can you imagine gaming so much that you injure your hand and have to visit a doctor? This situation happened to one of Friends renowned cast members, Mathew Perry. Perry told this story to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, then handed her an Xbox 360 console and a copy of the game Fallout 3. His love for this game captured the attention of Obsidian and Bethesda, and they offered him a role to voice Benny, a character in the game Fallout: New Vegas

Daniel Craig

James Bond is back in two video games - CNN.com

Best known for his lead role in the last four James Bond films, Daniel Craig commented in a 2010 interview that he enjoys playing videos in his free time. He said video games helped him get into the character of James Bond. Daniel Craig added that he prefers games with an intriguing storyline compared to violent ones. He also noted that if it were not for his busy schedule, he would probably spend a lot of time playing video games like Guitar Hero

Will Arnett

Will Arnett is so into gaming that he once hosted a podcast known as Game Chat, where he and other celebrity gamers played Xbox together. Arnett prefers first-person shooter and sports games, with his prime choices being Call of Duty and FIFA. 

Vin Diesel

Most people think of Vin Diesel as the dominant actor who breaks the law and drives fast cars. He is actually a gamer at heart, so much so that he co-founded a video game company called Tigon Studios. Vin Diesel features in several video games, including Wheelman, Riddick: The Merc Files, Fast & Furious: Crossroads, and others. If you are interested in knowing more games that Vin Diesel features, just google them. But before you do, check if your browser is JavaScript enabled. If not, here is a guide on how to enable JavaScript

Henry Cavill

Here’s a fascinating story about Henry Cavill. Cavill’s love for World of Warcraft almost cost him his part as Superman in Man of Steel. The story goes that he ignored the call for the role while playing this legendary MMO game. Luckily, he called back after he was done playing. Cavill is a big fan of RPG games. 

Final Thoughts

And we are finally at the end of our list. Whose story did you find intriguing? Was it Samuel L. Jackson? Or maybe it was Henry Cavill? Video games have come a long way in recent years, and everybody enjoys them today, whether on PC, console, or mobile device. At least you now know a few celebrities that are avid gamers.