How to Easily Make an Amazing Photo Sketch?

How to Easily Make an Amazing Photo Sketch

To stand out from the rest of the social media influencers, we use different effects, filters, and gradients with the help of different online tools such as Photo Funia, Image to Sketch AI, and Soft Orbits Sketch Drawer tool, etc.

The regular photos that you capture from the camera of a DSLR, iPhone, Samsung, or any other high-resolution camera, can further be edited and converted into super cool pictures that can attract thousands of likes, followers, views as well as engagement on your own social media platforms.

A mobile camera does not offer its users a broad variety of photo editing tools to add effects and filters to your photos.

If you want to turn your photo into pencil sketch or any other effects, we will show you how you can achieve that in this article. So, keep on reading to find out!

Why we need to pencil sketch our photos?

By adding a pencil sketch to your photos, you can turn your photos into realistic art. It makes them very attractive, and sometimes the viewers believe that the photos were actually sketched with a pencil.

Apart from that,

Adding different effects such as the pencil effect on your pictures is a very fun activity that you can do. Although it can be time-consuming in searching and trying out different styles, the results will always fascinate you. After you have done editing and adding the desired effect to your pictures, you can even share your experiments with your friends, family as well.

Overview of Image to Sketch AI

Change your photo into a pencil sketch with the Image to Sketch AI tool that is available to you online. It is a very simple and easy-to-use tool with minimum effort and less time. The tool does not require additional knowledge in order to use it, all it requires is your picture and then it provides you with fascinating results.

Moreover, the Smart AI Image to Sketch software is simple to use, even beginners can use it. It offers them with different styles, effects, and tools in order to edit and convert your images. The tool respects privacy, which means it will not share your photos anywhere rather than doing that, it will remove them from its database so you do not have to worry about your privacy.

The benefits of using Image to Sketch AI (Simple and easy to use for beginners)

There is not just one benefit of using Image to Sketch AI, the tool can help you gain hundreds of likes, engagement and followers from different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Furthermore, you will be able to gather influence in just a short amount of time, attracting more than one thousand unique profiles. Have fun with more than a hundred effects and templates by using Image to Sketch AI on your pictures.

How to use Image to Sketch AI to make an amazing photo sketch?

It is a free online tool that you can access from their website. It is a two-step process that saves your time and provides you with the results in a few seconds. You only need to upload your picture and click on the “Add Effect” button that will apply the effect on your picture and later on let you download it for your personal use.

Use Photoshop to make an amazing photo sketch

If you want to know how to make photo sketch in Photoshop you can watch YouTube tutorial videos that show step by step process on how to add the photo sketch effect to your pictures. Although it is a very time consuming-process as well as manually doing it, you can still add the effect on your pictures.

Use Convert Image to make an amazing photo sketch

Convert Image is an online tool that protects your privacy as well as provides you with the results you need. The results are processed in just a few seconds for you to download. It supports all types of image formats such as JPG, JPEG, GIF, as well as PDF, etc.


It offers users more than a hundred different and unique filters and effects that can convert your photos.


It has now become very easy and convenient to edit and tweak your photos as well as apply effects on them. You can choose from a hundred online photo editing tools to convert your images. We recommend that you use online tools instead of Photoshop or a tool that requires manual use. That way, you can utilize a lot of time and get the desired results that you need.