Trippie Net Worth 2024 Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

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Ryan Diew’s Trippie, an innovative app designed to help travelers navigate airports and find amenities with ease, is a testament to seizing the right moment for success. Despite not securing a deal when he pitched Trippie on Shark Tank in 2017, the exposure significantly boosted the app’s popularity.

Starting with just 4 airports, Trippie has now expanded to 120 airports worldwide, including major hubs like Tokyo and Sydney. The app raised $32,000 from a contest at Colgate University and attracted additional investments from venture capitalists.

As of 2024, Trippie is valued at $4.5 million and generates $3 million in annual revenue. With a 4.1-star rating on the App Store, Trippie continues to grow by enhancing user experience and adding new features, proving that the right actions at the right time can lead to remarkable success.

What is Trippie App?

Trippie App is a user-friendly travel companion designed to enhance your airport experience. Unlike other travel apps, Trippie effortlessly guides you through airport terminals, helping you find your way without stress.

This app functions as your personal airport assistant, providing real-time information on amenities, gate locations, and dining options, ensuring a seamless journey from check-in to takeoff.

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Is Trippie app good?

The Trippie app is highly rated for its ease of use and helpful features. It provides real-time airport navigation, helps you find amenities, and offers dining options, making your travel experience smoother and less stressful.

Travelers appreciate its user-friendly interface and the convenience it brings to navigating busy airports.

I think this airport app is great and will definitely use it, just wanted to add, if you could expand it to malls around America, I think it would help a lot 

Bill Lore

Who is the CEO of Trippie App?

The CEO of Trippie App is Ryan Diew, a visionary leader dedicated to revolutionizing the travel experience. Unlike traditional CEOs, Ryan is hands-on, continuously improving the app to meet travelers’ needs seamlessly.

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Ryan Diew on on Shark Tank (Shark Tank)

Who is Trippie app Founder?

Ryan Diew founded Trippie in 2015. Ryan completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Colgate University. Before starting Trippie, Ryan worked at Google and Kapor Center. Besides being the CEO of Trippie, Ryan also serves as Principal/EIR at Base Ventures. Trippie’s founder, Ryan has a net worth of 4.5 million USD as of 2024.

Key accomplishments

2017Trippie got featured in Shark Tank.

Trippie expanded the usage to 18 airports, which included Tokyo, Frankfurt, Sydney, etc. 

Trippie was featured in HuffPost as an “Airport App That Helps You Find Your Favorite Food – Trippie.”
2019Usage increased in to in 120 airports worldwide.

Trippie Pitch on Shark Tank

Company nameTrippie
ProductAn airport navigating app
EpisodeSeason 09 Episode 02
FounderRyan Diew
Asked for$100,000 for 10% equity
Final dealNo deal
SharkNo shark
LocationOakland, California

Who invested in Trippie?

They were unable to secure a deal on Shark Tank, but Trippie has received investments from several key sources to help it grow. The app’s founder, Ryan Diew, has invested in Trippie, showing his dedication to its success.

Additionally, Trippie is funded by Colgate University and the Colgate Entrepreneurs Fund. These investments have allowed Trippie to improve and offer a better experience for travelers.

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From their beginnings on Shark Tank to their current status as a thriving business, they have proven that with the right idea and execution, anything is possible. We can’t wait to see the future for Trippie and its continued success.