What Happened to Tree T-Pee After Shark Tank – The Water Saving System for Farmers


Imagine saving water in agriculture and turning it into a booming business and being kind enough not to increase prices because of poor farmers. It’s Tree T Pee. This story starts on the stage of ‘Shark Tank,’ where the simple yet innovative product caught the spotlight.

In 2013, Tree T Pee was featured on Shark Tank season 5. During the pitch, there was an emotional moment when Kevin desired to increase the margin, but the founder’s intention was to sell at a lower price to help farmers. Here’s the journey of Tree T Pee since its TV debut, charting its pivotal moments and ongoing innovation in water conservation.

The Shark Tank Effect and Day after Shark tank

Right off the bat, Tree T Pee saw massive interest after ‘Shark Tank. ‘ The day after the show, their inbox was flooded with 56,000 emails from eager customers. The company’s deal with John Paul DeJoria wasn’t just for show—it boosted the business to new heights. The prices were tweaked quickly, allowing new product variations to meet the new market’s needs.

Tree T-Pee
Tree T Pee is now expanding into 80 countries

Business Growth and Expansion

The buzz was only the beginning. A global rollout was in the cards, pushing Tree T Pee into 80 countries. The green thread didn’t end there – the team went to recycle plastic into their products, making each step count for the environment. Markets like Europe, Australia, and the Middle East opened their arms wide. Also, the Israeli Minister of Agriculture praised for its environmental impact.

Johnny Georges – Man with a Good Heart

Rick Georges
Tree T-Pee’s real founder Rick Georges

Through it all, Johnny Georges kept his hands in the soil, staying true to his role as the face and pulse of Tree T-Pee. Against the creeping challenge of climate change, he’s a staunch ambassador for farming with the Earth in mind. As of today, he is still developing his business while spreading good heart.

Jonny was not the real founder of Tree T pee. His father was the man who founded it. After his dad passed away, Jonny spread his good heart saving millions of gallons of water.

Tree T-Pee’s Net Worth after Shark Tank

After featuring on the Shark Tank, Tree T-Pee has seen impressive growth in its net worth. As of 2024, Tree T-Pee’s estimated net worth is around $50 million. During its appearance on the show, the company was valued at $750,000, and a deal was struck with guest Shark John Paul for $150,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake. This investment played a critical role in the company’s success by contributing significantly to its growth, which in turn, has driven its valuation to new heights over the years.

Innovation and Conservation

The Tree T-Pee stood as a sentinel of conservation, slashing water usage from a staggering 25,000 gallons to a mere 800 per tree annually. Johnny Georges, the man behind the mission, kept things raw and honest, operating from his garage and holding onto sustainable practices like a badge of honor. And his sights are set further, aiming at convincing big farms to hop on the water-saving bandwagon.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Their social media presence became less active, with their last Instagram post dating back to 2017. Balancing their desire for growth with their commitment to eco-friendliness proved challenging, especially with the threat posed by big corporate farms looming overhead.


The curtain falls on a note of resilience and commitment—the epitome of Tree T Pee’s travel through time after its ‘Shark Tank’ moment. It’s a beacon for those daring to dream of a business that not only grows but also nourishes the planet.


Who invested in Tree T Pee on Shark Tank?

John Paul DeJoria invested $150,000 for 20% of Tree T Pee

What countries have Tree T Pee expanded into since Shark Tank?

Venturing far and wide into 80 nations across continents including Europe, Australia, and Asia

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