John Paul DeJoria's Net Worth

John Paul DeJoria

Net Worth $3B

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and television personality

Renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist, and television personality, John Paul DeJoria, made headlines as the self-made billionaire behind the esteemed brands Paul Mitchell and The Patrón Spirits Company. Known for his appearance as a “Shark” on NBC’s “Shark Tank,” DeJoria’s net worth is $3 billion. His entrepreneurship journey showcases some of the most successful Shark Tank deals that exemplify his business acumen.

John Paul DeJoria's Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, John Paul DeJoria’s net worth is an impressive $3 billion, putting him among the elites in both the business and entertainment spheres. His successful ventures in hair care and tequila have affirmed his status as an industry titan. Remarkable for his financial wisdom, DeJoria’s wealth stands as a beacon of what persistent creativity and innovation can yield.

Net worth timeline

How did John Paul DeJoria get rich?

John Paul DeJoria’s narrative from homelessness to billionaire status is nothing short of extraordinary. His early ventures in the world of haircare and spirits laid the foundational stones of his massive empire. With $700 and a dream, DeJoria co-founded the now-iconic Paul Mitchell Systems, revolutionizing the world of haircare and subsequently The Patrón Spirits Company, reshaping tequila’s market stance. Key decisions such as never compromising on product quality catapulted his businesses to success and his net worth to billions.

How many businesses does John Paul DeJoria own in 2024?

  • John Paul DeJoria has built an impressive portfolio of businesses throughout his career. While the exact number of businesses he owns in 2024 is difficult to pinpoint due to private holdings and evolving ventures, some key players have significantly contributed to his success

Earnings from The Own Business

The sale of Patrón to Bacardi marked a significant milestone in DeJoria’s career, contributing massively to his wealth accumulation. It solidified his status as a successful entrepreneur and provided him with substantial capital for future ventures.

While Patrón’s sale undoubtedly provided a significant financial boost, DeJoria’s wealth primarily stems from the combined success of his various businesses. His diverse portfolio, encompassing industries like hair care, spirits, mobile technology, and more, contributes to his overall income.

How much has John Paul DeJoria made from his Shark Tank investments?

DeJoria’s returns from Shark Tank investments are notable. He has seen substantial profits, some of which have significantly contributed to his net worth, and his successful deals underline his savvy investment instincts.

Shark Deals


Profitable Deals


Loss Investments


Success Rate

How much does John Paul DeJoria make from Tree T Pee?

Tree T Pee whom DeJoria backed on Shark Tank has reaped exceptional financial returns. According to sources Tree T Pee has made more than $100 million in sales since Shark Tank. Also as of 2024, it has a $50 million estimated net worth.

Is John Paul DeJoria a billionaire?

John Paul DeJoria has indeed crossed the billionaire threshold, as evidenced by his estimated net worth of $3 billion in 2024, marked by his prudent and profitable business moves.

Is John Paul DeJoria the richest shark?

While John Paul DeJoria stands as one of the wealthiest sharks, other figures, such as Mark Cuban, in Shark Tank’s history surpass him in terms of net worth.

John Paul DeJoria's Habits and Personal Strengths

John Paul DeJoria’s daily habits paint a picture of discipline and passion. His routine comprises healthy eating, finding solace in his favorite retreats, and engaging in behaviors that sustain his peak performance both professionally and personally.

early life & background

Born to immigrant parents in Los Angeles, John Paul DeJoria’s early life was marked by hardship and resilience. His troubled upbringing did not deter his ambition, and even from a young age, his entrepreneurial spirit was evident as he overcame considerable challenges.


April 13, 1944 (79 years old)


John Paul DeJoria has residences in multiple locations, including an estate in Austin, Texas, reflecting his varied lifestyle.




Eloise Broady DeJoria










Served in the US Navy, held various jobs including janitor and encyclopedia salesman.
  1. Served in the US Navy for two years.

  2. Held various jobs, including janitor, encyclopedia salesman, and insurance salesman.


Co-founded John Paul Mitchell Systems

Co-founded John Paul Mitchell Systems with Paul Mitchell, starting with a $700 loan and living in his car.


Co-founded Patrón Spirits Company with Martin Crowley.


Co-founded the House of Blues nightclub chain with Dan Aykroyd and Isaac Tigrett.


Appeared in NBC’s Shark Tank as a guest Shark


Sold Patrón Spirits Company to Bacardi for $5.1 billion.


Launched ROK Stars brand, offering 3D cellphones.


Remains active in various business ventures and philanthropic initiatives, advocating for peace and social justice.


1 What is the success story of John Paul DeJoria?

John Paul DeJoria went from selling shampoo door-to-door to creating a billion-dollar empire. His success story is grounded in resilience and an unwavering belief in the quality of his products

2 What did John Paul DeJoria found?

DeJoria co-founded John Paul Mitchell Systems and The Patrón Spirits Company, both becoming powerhouse brands in their respective industries.

3 How many times was John Paul DeJoria married?

John Paul DeJoria has been married four times, with his current spouse being Eloise Broady DeJoria since 1993.

4 How did John Paul make his money?

John Paul DeJoria made his money through shrewd entrepreneurship in the hair care and spirits industries, alongside wise investments, including his involvement in Shark Tank.

5 When did John Paul DeJoria start his business?

John Paul DeJoria started his business in 1980 when he co-founded John Paul Mitchell Systems with hairdresser Paul Mitchell.