Transformation Factory Net Worth 2022 NEW UPDATE -What happened to Transformation Factory after the Shark Tank
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Transformation Factory Net Worth 2023 NEW UPDATE -What happened to Transformation Factory after the Shark Tank?

The Transformation factory is an edible Sea Moss Gel production company related to the health industry. The Transformation Factory has a net worth of $3.1 million, and the business is leading the field. Not only that, this product helped the company’s founder lose around 300 lbs.

It appeared in the Shark Tank season 13 – episode 24. So, founder Alexious Gibson enters the show with the hope of $500,000 for 5% of equity. However, he ended up getting a deal of $600,000 for 20% with Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban.  It ended up being Kevin Hart’s most successful investment on Shark Tank.

But how does The company become one of the top brands in the super food manufacturing industry? Let’s find out more.

Transformation Factory Full Case Study After Shark Tank

What is The Transformation Factory Net Worth in 2023?

According to Alexious Gibson’s sales reports, Transformation Factory has $11 million in lifetime sales.

The company’s profit margin on sales is around 35%. So, the company’s net worth is around $3.1 million in 2023.

Last year’s sales stats, according to Alexious Gibson

Total sales 11,257,474 USD
Online Store 10,506,327 USD
Bold Subscription 617,076 USD
iCart cart drawer cart upsell54,969 USD
ReConvert upsell & cross-sell 41,253 USD
Draft orders 29,182 USD
Facebook & Instagram 8,391 USD
Recharge Subscriptions217.52 USD

Last month’s sales stats, according to Alexious Gibson

Total sales 1,251,639 USD
Online Store 1,132,179 USD
Bold Subscription 111,465 USD
ReConvert upsell & cross-sell 5,359 USD
Draft orders 2,240 USD
Recharge Subscriptions395.49 USD

How is The Transformation factory doing now? [ Latest updates]

The Transformation Factory is successful in business in 2023. However, according to online reports, the deal closed in October 2022. Also, the transformation factory Shark tank deal is one of the most successful deals on the show. As a result, the company attracted more customers after the show. So, the company’s sales multiplied after the episode officially aired.

What is The Transformation Factory?

The Transformation Factory produces edible seaweed moss gel. They are made using “Irish Sea Moss”. Also, they only harvest from the shorelines of Europe and North America. But the gel tastes like raw oysters without added flavors.

So, The Transformation Factory Sea moss comes with fruity flavors. Sea moss is one of the high-nutrient products available. Also, it has multiple health benefits including weight loss.

Who owns the Transformation Factory?

Alexious Gibson is the founder and CEO of The Transformation Factory. He is an engineering graduate from Florida Atlantic University. Also, he studied pre-engineering and an Associate of Arts from Palm Beach State College.

He was also a chief Technology Intern at NASA for a year. Later he started Highly Ambitious Studios HAM in 2012.

“When you want it as bad as you want to breathe, that’s when you’ll be successful.”

Alexious Gibson on Instagram

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Alexious pitched in Shark Tank hoping for $500,000 for 5% of his business. Firstly, he shares his weight loss journey that inspired the business idea. And, the sharks get a chance to taste the product. They were more impressed after hearing about the 35% of the company’s profit margin on sales. 

Then Barbara Corcoran said, “So, I’m curious what you use our money for?”. Followingly Alexious explained his plan to make the product shelf stable. So, Kevin Hart offers $500000 for 20% because he tried the product before. Also, he requested Barbara to Join him for 10% each. Meanwhile, Kevin O’Leary offered $500,000 for 30%.

However, Alexious requested $800,000 for 20% of the shares. Excited Kevin Hart asked Barbara to join $ 600,000 for 20%. But she refused the offer. So, he joined with Mark Cuban and finalized the deal.

The Transformation Factory Shark Tank UPDATE- What happened to The Transformation Factory After the Shark Tank

The Transformation Factory started 11 months before appearing on Shark Tank. And made a $1.4 million profit from $3.5 million worth of sales. But the production cost was only around $4.15. Also, one jar sold for $24.99. Not only that the product is already FDA-cleared. The company didn’t have any partners or was due in debt at the time.

These made the Sharks interested in the deal. However, the site didn’t update us about the deals until after the show. But The Product Facebook and Instagram page constantly updated the flavors sharks tried. Hence The company did five-month worth of sales within three days after the show.

However online reports the deal officially completed by October 2022. Also, the company introduced new flavors and varieties like capsules after the show. Now you can buy The products on Amazon and their website.

The Transformation Factory Sea Moss gel product review

The Transformation Factory moss gels come in different flavors. Some of them are pineapple, strawberry, banana, and mango. Not only that customers can take raw sea moss without any flavors.

But Goji berry, Soursop, and dragon fruit flavors interested them. Also, according to Alexious sea moss contains 90% essential minerals of the human body. The product is vegan and lasts 2-3 weeks inside a refrigerator.

Because of the popularity of this product, similar competitive products emerged in the market.

Who are the competitors of The Company?

The company managed its popularity well after the Shark Tank. However, few other companies came up with similar products. Some of them are Atlantic Sea moss co. and Yemaya Organic.

The Transformation Factory is worth around $3.1 million this year. Also continuing business with new products day by day. Because of this growing business, the net worth calculations can change at any time.


Who owns the Transformation Factory?

Alexious Gibson is the founder and the owner of the Transformation factory

What does sea moss do for the body?

It boosts human metabolism and improves cholesterol balance. Also good for reducing the risk of heart disease and increasing weight loss.

How is the Transformation Factory doing?

The company is still in business in 2023.

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