Kevin O'Leary Net Worth

Kevin O'Leary

Known as Mr. Wonderful and Maple Man, he is a prominent Canadian businessman, investor, and journalist.

Net Worth $400 million

Terrence Thomas Kevin O’Leary, who is popularly known as Mr. Wonderful and Maple Man, is a prominent Canadian businessman, investor, and journalist. Kevin O’Leary has a net worth of $400 million as of 2024, reflecting his status as one of the powerhouse personalities in business. Kevin is prominently known for his role in the Emmy Award-winning show “Shark Tank,” and investing as shark have played a pivotal role in his climb to financial success. As a sharp-tongued critic with an eye for potential, O’Leary has cultivated a significant fortune. 

Kevin O'Leary watch collection
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Kevin O’Leary’s Net Worth 2024

By 2024, Kevin O’Leary’s net worth is a staggering $4000 million. Among the richest figures in the business world and entertainment, his wealth is a testament to his savvy business tactics and keen investment strategies. O’Leary’s financial journey has seen a significant upward trajectory, displaying his ability to capitalize on the right opportunities while also managing and growing his extensive portfolio.

Net worth timeline

How did Kevin O'Leary get rich?

Kevin O’Leary’s journey to wealth began with his educational foundation in environmental studies and psychology and an MBA in entrepreneurship. It led Kevin to an innovative approach to business. Starting with a software company, SoftKey, O’Leary’s early entrepreneurial efforts and strategic mergers played a significant role in his initial accumulation of wealth. His venture into the storage solutions space further added to his fortune. His involvement in various business ventures and media engagements has continued to enhance his wealth portfolio. A disciplined investment strategy focusing on companies with the potential for high returns has been central to his financial success.

How many businesses does Kevin O'Leary own in 2024?

  • Kevin O’Leary’s business ownership extends to over 30 companies across diverse industries, ranging from technology and storage to wines and education. His various business ventures have not only contributed to his wealth but also demonstrated his ability to identify and nurture business potential across sectors.

Earnings from The Own Business

Kevin O’Leary’s earnings from his businesses are substantial and varied. His income sources include his investment firm, O’Leary Funds, his acclaimed fine wines, book royalties, and speaking engagements. His businesses and investments remain the primary contributors to his annual income.

How much does Kevin O'Leary make for an episode of Shark Tank?

Kevin O’Leary earns $30,000 per episode of Shark Tank according to sources. It is known that this income stream is significant, adding to his overall wealth.

How much has Kevin O'Leary made from his Shark Tank investments?

Throughout his tenure on Shark Tank, Kevin O’Leary has invested over $8.5 million in various businesses, boasting a successful return on investments. Memorable successes include GrooveBook and Wicked Good Cupcakes, contributing handsomely to his net worth.

Shark Deals


Profitable Deals


Loss Investments


Success Rate

How much does Kevin O'Leary make from GrooveBook?

From GrooveBook to Wicked Good Cupcakes, Kevin O’Leary has made a substantial profit, with returns rocketing into the millions. According to sources, Only from GrooveBook Kavin made more than $5 million.

Is Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank a billionaire?

As of 2024, Kevin O’Leary is not a billionaire, but his net worth is substantial, standing at $400 million.

Is Kevin O'Leary the richest shark?

Kevin O’Leary is not the richest shark on Shark Tank; that title belongs to the likes of Mark Cuban. Nevertheless, O’Leary’s worth is notable among his peers in the tank.

Kevin O'Leary's Habits and Personal Strengths

O’Leary’s daily routine and personal habits include early starts with rigorous workouts and business trends analysis, disciplined diet and work patterns, and evening culinary explorations with a passion for fine wines. His attention to detail and routine contribute significantly to his success.

early life & background

Kevin O’Leary, born on July 9, 1954, in Montreal, Canada, experienced a childhood marked by both privilege and hardship. While his parents provided a comfortable upbringing in Town of Mount Royal, Quebec, their divorce left a significant impact. Despite facing the emotional challenges of this loss, O’Leary displayed resilience. His mother, a successful businesswoman, instilled a strong work ethic in him. 

Additionally, his stepfather’s work with the UN exposed him to diverse cultures and global perspectives during his formative years. These experiences, alongside his dyslexia, which he later viewed as an advantage in business, shaped his independent thinking and resourcefulness, laying the groundwork for his future entrepreneurial endeavors.


July 9, 1954


Toronto, Canada, and Boston, USA




Linda O'Leary


Trevor and Savannah O'Leary


Georgette and Terry O'Leary


Shane O'Leary


University of Waterloo (BA), Ivey Business School (MBA)


Educational Foundation

Graduates from Queen's University with a degree in environmental studies and psychology.


Entrepreneurial Breakthrough

Founds SoftKey Software Products, sells it to Mattel in 1991 for $4.2 billion, establishing himself as a successful entrepreneur.


Venture Capital Ventures

Becomes a venture capitalist, investing through O'Leary Ventures in various companies.


Reality TV Stardom

Joins "Dragons Den" as an investor, showcasing business prowess on a popular reality TV show.


Business Expansion

Founds Storage Networks, sells it to EMC Corporation for $1.1 billion in 2010, solidifying his business success.


"Shark Tank" and Public Recognition

Joins "Shark Tank" as an investor, gaining public acclaim for sharp wit and business acumen, becoming a household name.



Publishes "Cold Hard Truth: On Business, Money, and Life," sharing entrepreneurial insights and financial philosophies.


Financial Innovation

Launches O'Shares ETFs, a line of exchange-traded funds focused on various investment themes.


Political Aspiration

Runs for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada but is unsuccessful.


Ongoing Impact

Remains active as an investor, media personality, and public speaker, offering insights on business and finance.


1 What kind of watch does Kevin O'Leary wear?

Kevin O’Leary is known for his luxury watch collection, which includes notable brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe.

2 Has Kevin made money on Shark Tank?

Absolutely, Kevin has earned substantial returns on his investments from Shark Tank deals.

3 What companies does Kevin O'Leary own?

He owns over 30 companies across various industries, including O'Leary Fine Wines and O'Leary Funds.