Consultation of the Internet marketer. Why do you need it?

The main goal in working with clients – investment in Internet promotion should pay off for the entrepreneur. Not by reach, clicks, likes, but by real money/profit.

Do you need fresh marketing ideas? Do you need help with marketing planning? Do you need to structure tasks, responsibilities, functions in your marketing department? Are you thinking about expanding your marketing department? Are your marketing people not getting the job done or have gotten worse at it? In this case the help of an online marketing consultant is just what you need!

What gives a consultation?

– Human language will explain how Internet promotion works.

– Conduct an audit, and show places where your Internet marketing “fails.

– They recommend what can be done about it.

You also get our consulting support when creating or optimizing your marketing department, when developing a franchise package, and a loyalty program.

How do agencies work?

  1. You leave an application for a consultation
  2. You describe your questions and tasks.
  3. You tell me about your project.
  4. They get acquainted with the project, conduct a preliminary audit of what you already have.
  5. Conduct a consultation in a meeting, by Skype or phone

Consultations on sales

In the process of creating or optimizing a sales department, marketing agencies provide consulting support for sales managers. You can also order the sales consultation separately.

They provide advice on a variety of sales issues:

  • sales management;
  • development of sales plans;
  • Creation or optimization of the sales department;
  • development of KPI;
  • motivation of sales managers.

What questions can you get an answer?

  • How to start an Internet promotion?
  • Where does the money go and why no customers?
  • Why doesn’t online promotion work?
  • How to organize the effective work of the sales and marketing department?
  • How do I understand what kind of advertising yields results and which one drains the budget?
  • How to control the work of contractors (SMM, contextualist, etc.)?


Marketing consultations – 100% is the best way to figure out what to do if you have difficulties. They are used by all companies, organizations and entrepreneurs when they are unable to figure out where to go in the market or how to solve a marketing problem.

If you don’t find the answer to what to do in time, you can have negative consequences for your business. In extreme cases, you can even lose it forever. Marketing consulting is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to solve marketing problems and find ways to grow.