Touch Up Cup current net worth- what happened to the Touch UP Cup after the Shark Tank.

here is a quick recap about Touch Up Cup after shark tank.

If you are a very fan of Shark tanks you already know that age is not a problem when it comes to the shark tank. Actually, shark tank inspires lots of adolescents to fulfill their dreams. It is so exciting to see that kind of thing. Here are some interesting facts about the father-son duo, from Cincinnati, Ohio pitched to investors on Friday’s episode of “Shark Tank” on the ABC channel.

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Touch Up Cup current net worth- what happened to the Touch UP Cup after the Shark Tank.

What is Touch Up Cup?

It’s a pretty little fantastic idea. But you have to believe that sharks were able to catch that pretty little amazing idea. What is Touch Up Cup? Touch Up Cup is a product that keeps your remaining paints in a very safe container even for 10 years. This pretty little amazing product will be solving your paint storage problem very well. So, it is basically made up of polypropylene. It holds that paint and has a stainless-steel spring to stop clumping and rusting. They say “just shake n’ paint baby”.  This product perfectly matched even for outdoor as well as indoor painting processes. It makes your painting process more convenient.

Touch Up Cup is a product that keeps your remaining paints in a very safe container even for 10 years.

Who found the Touch up cup??

This time you have to totally keep your faith in me for what I’m going to tell you. it’s non-other than the inventor of the touch-up cup is a teenage boy Carson Grill. Can you believe it? This product is developed by his loving father Jason Grill. These fantastic two guys are co-founders of this company and operate together as CEO. Can you believe that this little Carson invented this product at the age of thirteen? See how amazing this kidpreneur is.

What happened at the shark tank?

Even at the entrance to the shark tank, we can see they have a cheerful mood on their face. Because I think they already knew that they would be able to catch at least one shark. Father and son entrepreneurs Jason and Carson Grill were looking for a partner who can be shared $150000 in exchange for 10 percent equity for their company. Carson impressed the Sharks by leading the pitch and answering all their questions despite his age.

“We have a [manufacturing] strategic partnership in Nashville, Tennessee that handles all of our picking and packing, as well as our EDI [Electronic Data Interchange] order entry,” Carson explained to the Sharks. In terms of sales, “Right now, we’re about 70% online and 30% in retail.”   After that Daymond Jon said, “I love this kid,”. He admitted that he didn’t learn about EDI until his fifth year at Toms. Said Blake Mycoskie, guest shark and founder of Toms company. John revised his offer to $150,000 for 20% equity after realizing that neither Carson nor Jason works full-time on the business.

Along with Shark Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, O’Leary chose not to make a deal. “I am not going to change my offer,” Mycoskie stated. Carson agreed to the deal.

What happened to Touch Up Cup After the Shark Tank?

The product is well-liked by all users, the touch-up cup is very suitable for painting, and it received a 5-star rating. Major retailers approached the company, and sales increased after the show. According to sources, the Touch Up Cup website received 40,000 visitors, resulting in approximately 5,000 new orders for the company.” Furthermore, the product’s average online sale size increased from $15 to $25: Since it was posted on October 17, the Touch Up Cup segment on YouTube has nearly 2 million views. Touch Up Cup is available in over 4,000 retail locations across the country and has generated approximately $220,000 in sales in the last two years.

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Touch Up Cup net worth in 2022

If you have a little more interest in Touch Up Cup. According to some reports, their total net worth is estimated to be $850K in 2021. Its product is sold on Amazon for a very low price, and according to a report, it sold $2 million worth of products in 2021. On Amazon, the starting price is $14.98.