Hygiene on Wheels: The Convenience of Mobile Showers


Whether it’s at a concert you are organizing or for your employees, mobile showers are essential. You can’t expect people to go days attending or staffing events without washing. Unwashed bodies swarm with bacteria and can cause serious health problems, which you don’t want guests or employees to have to deal with. More and more business owners are realizing this and the demand for mobile showers is rising exponentially. This post’s intention is to explore the convenience of investing in mobile showers, as well as shed a little insight into why they are becoming as popular as they are.

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Keeping Your Event’s Guests Clean

No matter what type of event you are hosting, if it is taking place over a period of days, portable showers make it possible for those in attendance to keep themselves clean. The last thing you want at an event is guests walking around unclean, stinking out rooms or tents. Investing in an emergency shower trailer is therefore one of the best decisions you can make. Bear in mind, you are going to need multiple trailers if you are hosting a large event. Ensure you keep them clean and in good order.

Employees Working Away from Home

If your employees work away from home, portable showers are essential. You can’t expect employees to work for days at a time without washing themselves. A portable shower trailer will give your business’s staff somewhere to go and unwind and clean themselves. If employees do work away from home for days at a time, the chances are they are performing manual labour or a job that requires physical involvement. Such jobs tend to wear people out, cause them to sweat, and lead to them getting very dirty. For their health and your company’s professional appearance, ensure shower trailers are available.

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Cleaning Hazardous Materials Away

Employees working with hazardous materials need to have access to cleaning stations and mobile showers. This is so that they do not end up coming into direct contact with materials, i.e., through skin exposure. Cleaning hazardous materials away is something that should be done under a jet shower, not an ordinary one. Once employees have fully cleaned their clothes or hazmat suits, they can then use mobile showers. If you do not provide cleaning stations and employees are working with dangerous chemicals, they could end up injuring themselves and you could be held accountable.

Jobs That Involve Extreme Physical Labour

Jobs that involve extreme physical labor can lead to people sweating. If people are not able to clean sweat from themselves, bacteria can build up. While it’s not usually necessary for construction workers to shower at work, employees working on oil rigs or in factories should. Sometimes it’s necessary for employees to shower before coming to work, also. This is so that they do not contaminate food products or anything else with germs. Make sure that you have shower stations set up if your employees are working with anything they could contaminate.

Mobile showers offer unparalleled convenience. Whether you host events or have employees working laborious jobs for you, invest in them. They can be expensive but they are worthwhile purchases that allow you to ensure events or your workplace are hygienic.

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