As a result of government regulations enacted at the beginning of the 2000s and partly due to the growing emphasis placed on safety, Bluetooth Integration is growing into a significant industry for many manufacturers. The new flood in Bluetooth vehicle unit deals has permitted makers to foster new items intended to make these frameworks significantly more use-capable and coordinate into the vehicle’s sound system and theatre setups to give more central control.

Dension is bringing new systems to the market that can be fully integrated into a stereo system. Before, integrated. Bluetooth gateway had a stereo mute function that automatically muted any sound playing through the stereo when a call was being made. When a call is made or received, these kits override the stereo system rather than integrate. So you can use the controls on the steering wheel to control your phone to make and answer calls, browse the phonebook, and view recent calls. Sometimes, information is shown on the stereo or cluster screens (near the rev and speed gauges).

Since each vehicle’s software and hardware are unique, the New Kits demonstrate how far the technology has come in recent years. Previously, it was thought that creating an integrated system would be too difficult. Producing a dilemma: create multiple product SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) of the same kit for compatibility with various vehicle manufacturers and sometimes models or have a single universal product that installs via a unique vehicle-specific lead (SOT Leads).

On the other hand, Dension developed a solid understanding of vehicle hardware and software systems through the production of iPod integration kits. Bluetooth uses the same or similar technology for iPod connectivity—making them well-equipped to compete with Parrot Bluetooth systems for market dominance.

Dension’s Gateway five or Gateway 5 integrated kits have one drawback: they are vehicle-specific and not yet available for every vehicle. Older vehicles, except some BMWs, will not be able to use the CAN Bus system because it must be in the car.

Even though the Dension Bluetooth kits do not provide voice control commands like the bury and parrot Bluetooth kits, they are user-friendly and functional. One thing is sure: the Dension Bluetooth kits offer significantly better integration and quality than other currently available on the market. I am making them equipment against which to compete in the coming years.

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