How To Check Your Heart Rate With Android App?

How to check your heart rate with Android app

One of the pavilion features of newly launched Android phones is its integrated, built-in heart rate monitor. People have been using apps to measure their heart beat rate and pulse for the year now. New technology helps people to get more accuracy using Android heart rate apps. It’s a remarkable and appreciable technology that thrived in 2020 and now become very common in 2021. These apps have become viral among all, including patients and doctors. The best part is its easy-to-use featured camera that does not require you to invest on instruments and equipment to measure your heart rate. Here’s a secret: it is easy for everyone to use Android phone to track heart rate; it just needs downloading an app to check heart rate. It needs camera ad flash; its combination makes a complete system for you to measure your heart rate right away.

It sounds amazing to measure heart rate from your mobile phone.

Do you know how does it work? It’s simple; open the app, place the fingertip over your phone’s camera, then wait for 15 seconds to a minute. Waiting time depends on app’s algorithm and camera quality. Welltory Heart Rate Monitor for Android says that it uses the camera to “check, track, and analyze the changes in blood flow and color of the fingertip, directly linked to pulse rate.”

It really sounds crazy during the processing at first. However, when you get the result and you find it accurate, you become overwhelmed and things get sorted. Welltory was established years ago after research and tests to check accuracy since this app is consciously designed to give the best and nearest results using comparison with popular apps in the market. It seemed to line up continuously with a heart rate monitor attached trade mill, both while working out and resting.

Android Heart Rate Monitor Apps are Free

You may find many Android heart rate monitor apps on the App Store, some are free and some are paid. Most people prefer going with the free version of apps. How can you be so sure that the free apps are worthwhile and perform the best? You should check reviews of the app on the internet first before you download any. It is a misconception that the free version doesn’t work efficiently. The difference between paid and free app is their business model; free app providers generate their revenues from the adds, while paid apps don’t generate through apps and users pay subscription feess.

What we have experienced using free Android version of Welltory is their easy-to-use quality, better algorithms and machine learning coding, and accuracy if the camera is in order. That proves that the free versions also work efficiently. Apart from our experience, when it comes to finding peer reviews and researchers standpoint, University of Minnesota had conducted experiments and concluded that Welltory is an app that gives excellent results of heart beat rate.

So, what are you waiting for? Realize it now before it’s too late that Welltory is a very important app to have in your mobile phone for heart rate monitoring, measuring blood pressure, and keep your workout and sleep tracking.