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Bosscoop, What Happened To This Simplest Product After Shark Tank?

Imagine trying to find a way to get our supplements into a regular water bottle and failing because the spoon sucks! consumers often mess with powders while making their drinks. The reason is we don’t care much about small things and a spoon made just for making your supplements and other drinks is one of them.

What if there is a spoon made just for bottles? 

Read what happened to The Bosscoop’s worth and net worth update in brief here.

Bosscoop, What Happened To This Simplest Product After Shark Tank

What Is Bosscoop?

Bosscoop is a scoop design for regular water bottles. If your regular drinking bottles don’t have the right shape or size, try the Bosscoop Spoon! It’s so small that you can slide it into the neck of nearly every bottle, and there’s also a contoured edge to prevent spills when you invert the bottle.

The Bosscoop is ideal for serving iced tea, juice, or even for making coffee, hot chocolate, or other beverages.

The Bosscoop has been tested to work with leading water bottle brands

The Bosscoop Founders

A simple idea that even won the tough Shark Tank board is founded by a couple named Hanna and Sam.

‘This is when we had our light bulb moment. Why not make a scoop design for regular water bottles? 

The following two years of research and development found that worldwide all regular water bottles share the same sized opening and also the vast majority of people prefer to use water bottles when exercising. The Bossip shares the same diameter as the regular water bottle as a top leading edge and allows it to be easily scooped while also preventing any spillage.’ 

Said them at Shark Tank While introducing this simple but amazing product.

What happened at the Shark Tank?

The Bosscoop founders were seeking a $25,000 investment and offered a 25% share of their company in return. At that stage, they valued The company was valued at about $100,000 at this point. 

At first, almost all the Sharks were not interested in the product.

‘Sam, he’s got a jump on you. He’s sold seven million. You’ve sold a thousand

so for this investment I’m out.’ said Naomi Simson.

But then Sam explained how they are going to spend that $25,000.

‘I would appreciate that $25,000 and block more because I’ve got a smaller

amount to spend. We spend it wisely. If I asked you for a million dollars I

couldn’t guarantee I could make you four million. But if you gave me 25 grand I’m

pretty confident I could make you $100,000,’ said Sam.

Finally, Andrew Banks and Steve Baxter decided to give 12 500 each for a 20% which in a total of 40% in return.

Steve said, ‘We’ll bring twice the network into this for 20 percent each. $25,000 for 40 percent.’

What happened after the shark tank? 

BPA-free and food-safe plastic spoon Bosscoop is a successful product with a current market value of 7 Australian dollars. Even if they had a large competitor the Booscoop company managed to take the market in Australia, US, and Japan.

This simple spoon, the company’s only product, comes in 5 different colors. You can buy a single spoon or a pack of five for around $20 at a time.

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The bosscoop net worth in 2022

According to the official sites the company is still in business and sales are soaring. As the company gained more attention after the show its net worth might be more than $1 Million.

“The Bosscoop” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

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Written by MSM Riham

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