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Top 10 Techniques for Video Editing at School and Student Projects

The chances are that you are tasked to create a video for your creative class, or you, yourself, are working on a video project. Then, you will need to be familiar with basic tricks and techniques to bring that pro factor to the end result of the video. Having first-hand experience in failing to meet the high editing levels, it is evident that in the first attempt, you may be a bit exuberated with anger about not receiving that smooth finish in your video. Most students find it exciting to work on a video project, especially shooting it, but when it comes to editing chunks of shots, it is a mess of work to sort out. Well, you do not need to worry about it, instead look for some useful and exciting video editing tricks, which you will get right here. 

Top 8 Video editing techniques for your video projects: 

  1. Get the right software: 

Put first thing first. If you want to create a high-quality video, keep in mind that you will need a perfect video compiler and editor. Some of the best video editors that you can use are: 

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro: 

Adobe premiere pro is the most common video editing software used by professional video editors. It costs $20.99 per month with a commitment or $31.49 per month. The advanced features of the software make it the perfect fit for editing all kinds of video projects and rendering them in extremely high quality. The software gets updated, so do its features. While many beginners find it complicated, they need to remember that they should not go in-depth and stick to basic editing features. 

  1. Final Cut Pro: 

It is another advanced video editing software produced by Apple Inc. the highly advanced features of the software make the video editing process easy and fun-filled. One time cost of the Final Cut Pro is $299.99. 

  1. Filmora: 

Filmora is a pretty cost-effective and easy alternative to adobe premiere pro and final cut pro. It costs 79.99 for an outright purchase. The advanced effects and editing features of the software help you turn your video into an experience. 

You can also use other video editors that you can get for free but bear in mind that they do not offer advanced features that can add another factor to your video. So, euth er you choose not to spend money on our video project or end up creating a video that has a lasting impact. 

  1. Make transitions while shooting: 

It is important to shoot the video while keeping the editing process in mind. Adding transitions to video clips is, although easy, but they do not necessarily make a smooth finish or cut to the next shot. Therefore, one of the tricks that videographers can use is moving the camera at the end of the shots to create a natural transition that looks smoother than the transitions added through editing. 

  1. Shoot in one flow: 

As said earlier, organizing your video project is as important as any other academic assignment. You always need help with assignment writing, partially because it is difficult and mostly because you want to make it flawless for achieving high grades. Brainstorming and organizing ideas onto a paper help execute a plan more easily than anything else, which works for all kinds of assignments and projects. Therefore, you need to strategically plan and write your video project prior to executing it. 

In order to make editing easy for students, it is preferable to shoot a scenario or scene altogether in a go instead of doing it in chunks. The more the video chunks, the more it will get difficult to edit and create a smooth flow of the events taking place in a particular scene. 

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  1. Keep it fast-moving: 

Remember that slow-paced videos are examples of bad videos. The viewers lose interest in slow-going videos instead of getting captivated. A single frame of the video must not last than 6-9 seconds, and therefore, you must increase the speed of the shots you are compiling for the final product

  1. Use keyboard shortcuts: 

While many people may not know but editing is a very tiring and daunting task. If you want to save the time and energy you put into moving cursors, you can learn a few keyboard shortcuts and command software to perform the action you want it to do.  The keyboard shortcuts are the hacks that will save you from getting tired mentally. 

  1. Know which colors to use: 

Colour is something most beginners oversee, but it is a very significant part of a video that helps create the feel and ambiance of the story that it tries to communicate. The color wheels and image editing features on software can help you change the color, tone, and texture of the visual to make it look the way it should look ideally. For example, an intense video scene must have dark hues, while a fun-filled visual should be lit and colorful. In that regard, choosing the right colors for the right scene will help your viewers make sense of the visual more easily. 

  1. Use B-roll: 

Using B-roll is linked with what we earlier discussed regarding the slow-paced videos. A still frame for a long time is a cause of distraction for the viewers. If there is no way you can avoid the still frame from the video, you can use B-roll to overcome the distraction problem. A-roll is the main video, and B-roll consists of cut-in shots that can be inserted in between the still image to keep viewers intact. 

  1. Add text: 

To make your video appealing and attractive, you can choose to add text to it. While text alone is not a good idea, combining visuals with text adds high appeal to the video. Using text for informative videos is highly essential as it makes it easy to digest a lot of information. According to expert report writers, they prefer making infographic videos to aid their flawless research reports to encapsulate junk of information in a couple of minutes’ video.  So, the text not only enhances the visual appeal of the video but makes it easy for the viewers to absorb a lot of information. 

Bottom Line: 

In sum, if you want to excel at your video project, you may need to follow the aforementioned tricks and techniques that begin with choosing the right video editor. Moreover, it is essential to plan editing during shooting and recording transitions. It also constitutes 

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

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