Torque Safe, a safety switch for hydraulic torque wrenches, was started by Luke & Vanessa Gosden on Dec 1, 2012. Torque Safe net worth was $1 million in 2016 based on the Shark Tank deal.

In 2016 June they appeared on Season 02 of Shark Tank Australia and made a deal with Steve Baxter, Andrew Banks and Glen Richards, 500,000 for 50% of equity.

As of 2024 January, the company is still in business. You can get more details about the product by visiting their website.

Torque Safe Net Worth

Net worth$1 million (When appeared on Shark Tank Show)
Annual Sales RevenueBelow $5 million
Lifetime sales
InvestorsSteve Baxter, Andrew Banks and Glen Richards
FounderLuke & Vanessa Gosden
Employees1-25 employees

Torque Safe Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2024Not Disclosed
Net Worth 2023Not Disclosed
Net Worth 2022$5 million
Net Worth 2021$4.5 million
Net worth valuation 2016 after appearing on Shark Tank  $1 million
Net worth valuation 2016 before appearing on Shark Tank  $2 million

Torque Safe Pitch on Shark Tank

Company nameTorque Safe
ProductThis business makes and sells safety switches for tools that use hydraulic torque, keeping them safer to use.
EpisodeSeason 02 Episode 13
Founders Luke & Vanessa Gosden
Asked for$300,000 for 15% Stake
Final deal$500,000 for 50% Stake
SharksSteve Baxter, Andrew Banks and Glen Richards
LocationGambier WestSouth Australia

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Torque Safe Founders

Torque Safe was founded by Luke & Vanessa Gosden in 2012. Luke and Vanessa Gosden, a married couple, created Torque Safe, a safety device. Luke, with 10 years of mining experience, witnessed accidents with hydraulic tools, inspiring him to make them safer. This led to the invention of Torque-Safe. Torque Safe’s founders, Luke & Vanessa Gosden, have a net worth of 5 million USD as of 2024.

Key accomplishments:

2016The company appeared on Shark Tank Season 02 Australia and got the deal from Steve Baxter, Andrew Banks and Glen Richards.
2020In 2020, Torque Safe’s value ranged between 15 to 25 million USD.


From their beginnings on Shark Tank to their current status as a thriving business, they have proven that with the right idea and execution, anything is possible. We can’t wait to see the future for Torque Safe and its continued success.

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