Tom Hanks Warns Fans: Dental Ad Used ‘AI Version’ of Him Without Permission

Picture of MSM Riham
MSM Riham

Tom Hanks recently expressed concerns on Instagram that a dental advertisement used an AI-generated image of him without his permission.

He posted a photo that appears to show a younger version of him, created through artificial intelligence. It’s not clear if this image came from the dental ad in question. His message to fans was straightforward: “There’s a dental plan video with an AI version of me. I have nothing to do with it.”

This issue with Hanks’ image highlights a bigger debate in Hollywood about the use of AI. There’s growing concern that AI might replace human actors. This has led to a joint strike by SAG-AFTRA and the Writers Guild of America against several studios.

John Oliver has also shown his support for the cause, joining a writers’ rally in New York. He’s calling for more workers in the industry to unite.

The main concern? AI could replace actors, and those actors might not be compensated fairly.

In a past podcast, Hanks spoke about the role of AI in the film industry. He talked about the need for contracts that protect an actor’s digital image. He even mused about the possibility of AI keeping his performances alive long after he’s gone.

But what do audiences think? Hanks believes there’ll be a noticeable difference between human and AI performances. However, he’s unsure if viewers will really mind.

It’s worth noting that Hanks has experience with digital renderings of himself. His movements and expressions were captured for the 2004 film “The Polar Express.” He recalled the experience, noting that they “saw it coming.”

In all, Hanks’ experience serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges and ethical questions the entertainment industry faces as technology continues to advance.