This Woman Is Addicted to Eating Mattresses!

This Woman Is Addicted to Eating Mattresses!

When it comes to unusual addictions, there seems to be no limit to what people can become obsessed with. Meet Jennifer, a woman from America, who has a peculiar addiction that has left her family and friends surprised. Jennifer’s strange obsession? Eating mattresses and car seat foam. Yes, you read that right!

Beginning Of The Unusual Habit

Jennifer’s story recently came to light when she appeared as a guest on TLC’s My Strange Addiction. She opened up about her alarming habit of consuming mattress foam. This is a practice she has been indulging in for a staggering two decades. It all began innocently enough when Jennifer was just a 5-year-old girl. She started by picking out sponges from their family’s car seats and consuming them whole.

Before you think about Jennifer eating entire mattresses, know that her habit is focused on the foam toppings. Those are what you would usually place on your mattress to make your night’s sleep more comfortable. It might seem less extreme than eating a whole mattress. However, there are still significant health risks related to her unusual habit.

Jennifer claims that mattress foam is used to pass through her digestive system without any problems. But her family began to grow concerned about her health after she bravely admitted her “embarrassing” problem. What many might not realize is that ingesting mattress foam, even in smaller amounts, can lead to severe health issues. These include liver and intestinal damage, and in the worst case, it could even be life-threatening.

Jennifer’s attitude towards her addiction is what truly raised eyebrows. She candidly stated that she “didn’t care” about the potential health effects her habit might be having on her body. Anyone who has dealt with addiction knows that overcoming such a powerful obsession can be incredibly challenging.

Getting Symptoms Of Sulfur Burps

Thankfully, Jennifer eventually agreed to see a doctor to get herself checked out. It was during this visit that some shocking revelations came to light. Jennifer admitted to consuming mattress foam every single day. She also shared a rather unpleasant symptom she experienced – sulfur burps,’ which she described as a “fart in her mouth.” The doctor hypothesized that the foam might block her digestive system, causing any food to ferment inside her, resulting in the production of gas.

What’s truly surprising is that despite Jennifer’s two-decade-long habit, she had managed to remain in relatively good health until that point. An x-ray, however, raised concerns as it suggested that her stomach might be filled with mattress foam. The doctor issued a stern warning, stating that if she continued down this path, she could face a medical emergency or even death.

Jennifer’s description of her consumption is rather matter-of-fact: “I start out with the good stuff. The good stuff to me is the pillowtop itself. I like my mattress plain and straight up, with no mayonnaise, butter, or none of that.” It’s a glimpse into the mind of someone dealing with an addiction, where the desire overrides logic and reason.

While Jennifer hadn’t experienced any severe health problems thus far, she did admit to feeling gassy after eating mattresses. This, of course, caused concern among her family. Especially since she regularly clogged toilets due to the ingestion of mattress foam.

The segment on Jennifer’s story ends with her vowing to quit eating mattresses for good. It’s a crucial step in her journey toward recovery. But it shows the power of self-awareness and the desire for change.


In the world of strange addictions, Jennifer’s case is undeniably one of the most unusual. It reminds of the grip that addiction can have on individuals. Even when it involves something as seemingly harmless as mattress foam. It also underscores the importance of seeking help and support when dealing with any form of addiction. Jennifer’s journey is proof of the resilience of the human spirit, as she takes the first steps toward breaking free from her unusual and potentially dangerous habit.

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