This Device Creates Stunning Illusions: Bringing ‘The Avengers’ Invisible Tech to Real Life

Invisibility Shield 2.0 is designed to create the illusion of invisibility.

You might remember an invisible shield in the Avengers universe. Now you can buy an invisible shield yourself. Invisibility Sheild Co. has already started improving its second-generation invisible shield. You can pledge to that.

This shield is marvelous. You can hide yourself, friends, pets, and literally anything behind this shield. Let’s dive into Invisible Shield 2.0 and explore it more.

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A man hides behind the invisible shield
Image credits: Invisible Shield 2.0

Who Built it?

Invisibility Shield Co. is the producer of the shield. They successfully launched their first generation product some time ago, and this is an improvement of it. You can pledge to support their project by pre-ordering the Invisible Shield 2.0.

Illusion of invisibility

This shield comes in three sizes. This shield comes in three sizes; mini, full size, and mega shield. One person can hide behind the full-size shield and the mega shield has room for three.

The shield comes with a special casing. You can roll the shield and put it inside this casing, which makes traveling with the shield much easier.

How it works?

Each shield employs a precisely engineered lens array to redirect the light reflected from the subject behind it, away from the observer in front.

Environmental Friendly

These shields are made of 100% recyclable material and the structure has long-lasting qualities. They used polycarbonate to create this amazing shield which is a much better material for recycling compared to most plastics.

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