These Matches Can Survive Even in Water, Heavy Winds, Or Snow

The UCO Stormproof Match can light up quickly in the rain, heavy winds or snow

Yeah, you read it right. These UCO stormproof matches are unstoppable in rain, heavy winds, snow, and even underwater. These matches can be very useful if you are a hiker or backpacker.

It is quite interesting to know how these innovative matches work. Let’s go inside and see how these stormproof matches work.

Nearly impossible to extinguish

‘In all cases, the flame keeps burning. The matches will still ignite if they get wet, and they are quite impact resistant.’

A User comment about the matches

As its name says, these matches start to ignite as soon as they contact oxygen. Then, the chemical reaction won’t stop in heavy wind, rain, snowfall, or even under the water. Even if you dip the burning match under the water, it will start burning just the moment you take it back.  These matches burn up to 15 seconds constantly under any circumstance.

Key Features

These matches come inside a stormproof match kit with a waterproof case. Each box contains 25 matches. This means, that each box contains a constant 6 minutes of flair for you.  You can buy refills when you want. These stormproof matches are waterproof since they are wax-coated.

The match length is 7 cm. It has an extended length to keep our fingertips away from burning. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about breaking the matches when you are lighting them. These matches are ideal for outside activities like lighting barbeque grills and campfires.

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