T. Rex Not As Smart As in Movies – Re-examined Brain and Structure Reveal the Truth

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Piyankara Ganegoda
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An international team of behavioural scientists, palaeontologists, and neurologists found that the T.Rex is less smart than previously claimed. The scientific group has re-examined these big creatures’ brain size and structure. They concluded their behaviour was more like crocodiles and lizards.

Curiously, this new finding turns the idea that dinosaurs are less intelligent than monkeys. Let’s discuss what these scientists found about the behaviour and style of T. Rex.

The Previous Study

A study last year, found a large number of neurons in the brain of T. Rex is directly related to the intelligence, metabolism and life history of T. Rex. Also, these neurons make the dinosaurs more like monkeys than lizards. However, a new study published in the Anatomical Record considered both neuron number and brain size. They concluded that the previous discoveries were unreliable in the intelligence of T. Rex.

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Neuron Counts Are Not A Reliable Estimate of Intelligence

“We argue that it’s not good practice to predict intelligence in extinct species when neuron counts reconstructed from endocasts are all we have to go on.”

Dr Kai Caspar

Further, the researchers explain neuron counts cannot exactly predict cognitive performance. Moreover, using such estimates can lead to misinterpretations about the intelligence of long-extinct species.

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The Era of Dinosaurs
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There is a possibility that T. Rex might have intelligence as a baboon. This is a fascinating idea with the potential to rebuild the view of the past. However, this study stands against this idea showing that T. Rex was more like a smart giant crocodile, not like a monkey.