This American Woman Was Married To The Eiffel Tower!

In the realm of unconventional love stories, there’s one that has captured the curiosity of many. Erika Labrie, an American woman, married the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris in 2007. But this isn’t a whimsical fairy tale. It’s a unique chapter in the world of relationships.

Embracing Objectum Sexuality

Erika, also known as Aya, has spent most of her life grappling with societal disdain for her sexual orientation. She identifies as an Objectum Sexual (OS), a term that might be unfamiliar to most. Objectum Sexuality is a phenomenon where individuals form deep emotional and sometimes physical connections with inanimate objects.

For Erika, it’s not about seeking attention or control over objects. Instead, it’s about finding love and understanding where others might see only lifeless matter. She aptly put it, “I find my type is an object that’s misunderstood by the world.”

A Controversial Love Story

In 2007, Erika changed her last name to Eiffel after a commitment ceremony with her “partner” of a decade, the Eiffel Tower itself. This unusual union captured the attention of the world, and a documentary titled Married to the Eiffel Tower emerged.

However, this documentary, though fascinating, led to misconceptions about OS individuals. It was suggested that their attraction to objects stemmed from control, abuse, or mental illness. Erika clarifies that this isn’t the case. She’s faced rejection from friends and family due to her orientation. But she’s also used her unique perspective to achieve great success.

A Remarkable Journey

Before her extraordinary marriage to the Eiffel Tower, Erika’s life took her through various phases. She served in the United States Air Force and faced personal challenges. This includes a traumatic incident during her time at the U.S. Air Force Academy. But it was in the world of archery that she truly found herself.

Erika’s archery career is nothing short of impressive. She delved into recurve archery in Japan in 1999. Within a short span, she was excelling in both the FITA and Olympic rounds. Her success led her to represent the United States at international championships, showcasing her incredible skills.

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Founder of OS Internationale

Erika’s journey as an advocate for Objectum Sexuality led her towards Objectum Sexuality Internationale. A global community of over 400 like-minded individuals who understand the depth of her emotions. She believes that her relationships with objects, including her competition bow, have contributed significantly to her achievements.

Erika’s story isn’t just confined to the Eiffel Tower. She has formed deep connections with various objects throughout her life, from her Japanese sword to her tower crane. These bonds have not only provided her with emotional support. They have also empowered her to become a four-time world champion in archery.

Erika Eiffel’s story challenges conventional notions of love and relationships. While many may find it difficult to relate to her object-based affection, her journey reminds us that love takes many forms. Her story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the capacity to find love and meaning in unexpected places.

A New Love Interest Perhaps?

Years after marrying the Landmark in Paris, she also found a new love interest in a red fence. In the documentary, she was even seen directly talking and expressing her interest in the fence.

“Fences are such dangerous objects for me because they are so perfect in their geometry. I mean, I have to say there is a lot of physical stuff going on right now. I’m definitely physically attracted to this fence and I would like to get to know this fence better,” says Erika.


In a world filled with traditional love stories, Erika’s unique and unconventional relationship with the Eiffel Tower serves as a reminder that love knows no boundaries and can truly be found in the most unexpected corners of life.

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