The World’s Fastest Trash Can | A Man Drives A Trash Can At A Record-Breaking Speed!

The World's Fastest Trash Can

The desire of people to do the most unconventional things knows no bounds. The popular YouTuber Chris Collins has done something that is equally exciting and ingenious. Who would have thought that we would witness something so unique like ‘The World’s Fastest Trash Can? Surprisingly, there is a man inside the trash can driving it to a speed of 62 mph! Let’s dive in to know more about this one-of-a-kind invention.

Before Chris, an engineer from the UK held the record for this bizarre task. Andy Jennings drove his trash can at a speed of 43 mph. Chris wanted to beat this record somehow. He focused on improving his trash can performance. Chris had 3 goals on his mind to make it a reality!

1 – It needs to be safe to drive

2 – It still has to function as a trash can when he’s done with it

3 – It has to be the fastest trash can on earth

In building the remarkable garbage can, Chris used a double-digit horsepower. He used a 6.5 horsepower Honda Clone Engine to make sure it goes through the air well enough. He also hoped that he would be able to double the power of the engine! After building the engine, Chris had to figure out a way to fit both the engine and himself inside the trash can. But it was not as easy as he thought it would be.

Another surprising thing is, this driveable trash can only has 3 wheels and the front wheel is an upgraded bike wheel. The wheels were also accompanied by disc brakes as well. he perfectioned the engine for up to 5 weeks!

Chris chose to break the record for the fastest trash can in the Redline Raceway in Texas. From the very first attempt, Chris achieved a surprising speed of 62 mph! He did it with the Trash Can’s lid closed and was beyond satisfied.

Collins realized that the trash can would get much more speed if he drove with the lid open. However, it wasn’t as good as his first attempt. Not stopping there Chris took a last run with it to get a perfect shot from the camera. He attempted a little more speed and stayed too far from the throttle. Unfortunately, he almost had a fatal accident from that. Thankfully he is all well and he set his record for the world’s fastest trash can straight!

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