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The King of Musical Instruments: What You Should Know About a Piano

The piano is a beautiful instrument that can be used in many different ways. You may have seen pianos being played by the likes of Elton John on stage, or you might have heard them during a movie’s dramatic scene. In this post, we will explore things to know about the piano and how it has been used throughout history. 

There Are Two Main Types 

The two main types of this instrument are acoustic and digital. The first ones are more traditional, they have strings that are struck by hammers. Digital pianos do not use strings instead the sound of the keys is produced through a loudspeaker system or headphones. Each type has its own benefits, however, it can be hard to say which one you prefer since everyone’s tastes differ greatly. 

Nowadays, people prefer the digital one because it’s easier to maintain while it still gives a high-quality sound. Just one note from a Yamaha digital piano will convince you that it’s not necessary for you to get an acoustic. You can do just as much with it as you would do with the traditional one.

However, there is still a place for acoustic pianos and even though they are not so common anymore, they definitely have their charm. The sound of an acoustic piano has this warmth that makes it unique and unforgettable.

It Has 88 Keys And Three Pedals 

A piano consists of 88 keys. The first eight are the white notes, which include A-B-C-D-E-F♯/G♭–G—A♭–A. The black keys have two names because they can be sharp or flat depending on their context: E is named “e” when it is the fifth note in the key of C major but called F ♯ (the same name as B) if it is part of a G chord. Likewise, D has one name if not being used as an accidental and another only when being so used. 

The pedals are used for three things: 

  • the soft pedal, for reducing the volume
  • the sostenuto pedal, which holds notes after they are played so that they can be played again without having to be re-struck
  • the sustain pedal, which allows a note to continue sounding until it is released.

It Comes In Different Sizes 

There are different sizes in which a piano can come in. That is, there are different sizes depending on what you want for your home or place of business. 

For example, the grand piano has a very large size and can easily be seen in things like concert halls around the world because it will make the performance seem much bigger than life itself. However, if it’s just one person playing by themselves at their house then they may prefer to have a more compact version so that they don’t feel overwhelmed with its presence when others come over to visit them. 

How Is Piano Music Written?

The method of writing for a piano has been around since the 18th century. To write music for a solo pianist, things can be written on five staves instead of using two or four depending on how complex the piece is going to sound. On each staff, there are anywhere from one to three different lines that create all types of sounds and pitches that cannot be made by other instruments such as flutes and strings, etc.

In order to make things easier when writing this type of complicated notation, composers will use tempo markings. This comes in addition to key signatures at the beginning of every line which gives an idea about what kind of moods they should have while playing it back later.

The Piano Is Used In A Lot Of Genres 

Over the years, the piano found a place in many musical genres. It is used in things like classical, rock, pop, and even jazz music. They use it because it can be used to make things like chords and harmonies. It has 88 keys but only the black ones are actually used for playing pitches (with a few exceptions). 

The piano is one of the oldest instruments in modern music, but it still stands strong today! The reason behind this is that it can be played in many different styles and they all just sound great with other instruments backing them. 

Many Musicians Became Famous For Playing The Piano

Tom Waits, Elton John, Ray Charles, and Freddy Mercury are just some of the musicians that became famous for playing the piano. Most musicians learned to play on a keyboard or digital piano before moving on to other things like guitars and drums, and some never move beyond it even after becoming professional.

The piano is one of the longest-standing instruments in history. Nowadays, it has 88 keys and three pedals and comes in different types and sizes. There’s a specific way to write piano music and it’s used in many different genres in music blending in them perfectly. Also, many famous musicians have made a name out themselves by playing this instrument and will be remembered for it forever.

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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