10 Free Sites Like Omegle Where You Can Chat With Strangers

Chatting with strangers is a lot of fun. If you have done it, you would be aware of it. If not, you really need to try it. While Omegle Plus has been a user favorite with respect to cam chatting with strangers, new platforms have evolved as well. 

There has been a sudden surge in a lot of platforms offering random cam chat services. Some have even surpassed the standards that were set by the former title holders. So, let’s know what are the 10 free sites that can offer you seamless chatting with strangers:

  1. Dirtyroulette

As an adult, our needs and requirements for physical intimacy are unique and different from people of other ages.  Therefore, we can’t rule out the fact of seeking one platform wherein we can obtain the emotional and physical intimacy we seek from others.

Young adults specifically prefer Dirtyroulette because of the lack of inhibition it offers. So adults prefer it for all of the following reasons:

  • It is free
  • It is candid
  • It has a massive user base

Now, let’s understand the above features in a much better and elaborate manner. Firstly, it is free. Yes, we all know many adult chatting sites exist but they are vulgar and extremely pricey. So, you can have fun and entertainment on Dirtyroulette and all this without paying anything.

Secondly, Dirtyroulette is an inhibition free platform. This means that there are so many users who like to engage in an open manner. There is no inhibition or any hesitation. People are aware of each other’s expectations. No one is offended and everyone interacts in a playful manner.

Similar to platforms such as Omegle Plus, Dirtyroulette too has a lot of ease in conduct. The user base of this platform is so massive that you will always find people ready to chat and interact. So, the user base is never a concern or issue. 

You can chat with someone based thousands of miles away from you without any hint of inhibition. If you are tired of trying in your territory or limiting your socialization, you can select the location that deems fit to you. 

With Dirtyroulette, you face no communication lags. There are absolutely no waiting periods. You can immediately start chatting your time away with people without any hassles. Further, when you skip someone, you will be matched with someone else in no time.

Chat without Registration

Registration and signing up procedures can be mood killers. No one likes to follow these processes or give all their personal information, specially on a platform where they intend to goof around. This is why Dirtyroulette is preferred.

It does not seek any personal and private information of the users. The chats and the personal details of the users are absolutely discreet. There is no revelation of any sort. 

  1. Chatrandom

Chatrandom is a very genuine platform to chat with strangers. You can get in touch with people from all around the world in a jiffy. There are abundant users of the platform. Whenever you use it, you will be matched with like-minded people immediately.

  1. Chatki

Chatki is another fun and prompt way of meeting strangers immediately. It has a very large user base. Therefore, be it the wee hours of the morning or extremely late at night, you will find companionship on the platform. 

  1. Emerald Chat

Emerald chat is an extremely easy platform to chat with individuals. You can chat your time away with men, women and even couples. The fun part here is that Emerald Chat allows you to do all this with an Avatar and a username. 

Hence, it adds an element of fun and fiction to the interactions. You can be as casual, as direct and as flirtatious as you want. It is a fun way to relive your fantasies.  

  1. Chatspin

Chatspin is superb in multiple ways. First, it is trusted by many cam chat enthuasiasts from around the world. Second, it is free to use. You can feel free and liberated in your interactions with Chatspin. Despite being free, it has a very quality user base. 

  1. Camsurf

Camsurf is a great web based chatting service. You can chat on the chat rooms or just have individual chats with the people. With Camsurf, you can interact freely with no hassle of any manner. You will be able to enjoy and make memories on a virtual platform. 

  1. Bazoocam

Bazoocam does not even make you feel like you are remotely chatting with someone. With so many features and functionalities, Bazoocam feels like the best way to chat with multiple people at once. It is very engaging with tons of features. 

  1. Shagle

The people who have used Shagle understand its worth as a chatting platform. Shagle is free, Shagle is fun and Shagle is addictive. You just need to try it once and you will be hooked to it in no time.

  1. Chatroulette

Chatroulette’ popularity has only seen an upward graph. It started in 2010 as a humble method for people to chat. However, with constant developments, it has become one of the most coveted and fun interactive platforms. One has to experience it to know its mettle.

  1. Coomeet

Coomeet allows its users to randomly chat with strangers. You can further narrow down your chatting companions based on sex, hobbies and even location. Yes, you do not have to restrict yourself in many ways. So, it is one of the best ways to establish your friend circle.


Random cam chat is as interesting as it gets. As a lover of random chats, you can chat with people at any point in time in the day. All the above alternatives mentioned above have features and functions similar to platforms such as Omegle Plus.

An internet search on ‘which is the best platform for random cam chat’ can be really appalling. Therefore, you can opt for any of the above cam chatting platforms. On a personal note, Dirtyroulette is a favorite.