Are you curious to know whether audacity is worth your precious investment or adobe audition? Congratulations, you’ve landed on the right page!

There is definitely a massive continuous debate as millions of people tend to listen to podcasts each day but the curiosity takes a toll on you when you realize as to what people think of both programs for processing audio?

Actually, there is an absolute winner which is Adobe Audition because if you’re looking to produce a better effect on the voice for when you’re in the post-processing timeline, Audition takes first place if you use noise reduction, noise gate. Audition has the effects and plugins that are non-destructive. Check out more about Adobe Audition free course here.

 For an on-hand experience, tweak something on the fly and then eventually, you can listen to the recording as you’re tweaking it and see how it changes yourselves!

Although sometimes users of audacity, record in audacity and afterwards use audition to normalize, use a multiband compressor, and use the noise reduction services. Now, this pretty much sums up the argument as you find your audio sounding pretty good using audition. Now, the question which one of the software’s is better depends greatly on your needs.

Realize what you need

You need to define and realize your needs and what do you mean by better. If you need the additional features of Audition, way better in quality than audacity, you need to install adobe. Audition is a professional recording and editing tool, very comprehensive and very developed and you’re fine even if you have to pay for it, nevertheless, you use what is suitable for you and what is best for your level of authority and condition.

If you want a free application that works for free, has limited features, simple and free for basic audio editing and production then you may consider Audacity that’s why-reflect upon your choices and never regret the mode of delivery!

Audition provides you:

Adobe house: Creative suite- for your podcasting workflow, and if you belong to professional web design department, adobe creative cloud gives you access to every adobe creative app like photoshop, premiere pro, indesign, illustrator, lightroom, after effects, and more. With audition also falling under adobe, you’re accustomed to professional audio-editing software and this makes you a pro already.

 Adobe Premiere Pro- if you’re into video production design using Adobe Premiere Pro is the best option above all. Adobe audition integrates well after effect system and often offers you exact effects and representative quality which you can easily access.

Exclusively multi-faceted- Audition’s multi-track editing which enables you to add various effects to your tracks or sections needless to alter your actual audio or destructive editing and you make your selective changes if you want to later. However, multi-track workflow like exporting may be hectic for you because this may force you to manually switch your export bit depth to 16-bit lest Audition.

Availability of recording markers– The Zoom H4n external recorder provided in audition is an amazing feature that will help you place a marker in your audios, and this will make your editing easier because of the marcation. With audition, you don’t have to write down timestamps and edit backwards anymore!

Prompt blending– In Audition’s multi-track mode, you can edit the audio or import the separate clips or move the two clips onto the same track and overlap them the length of the desired blending. You may as well change the crossfade. But dissolving technique in audacity produce a better volume curve than a normal fade and this also makes the transition smooth and effortless.

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The aforementioned basic requirements are helpful when you want to select, a superior, finest, and preferable software. But your investment decision greatly depends on all the factors discussed in this feature and by planning your finances whether you are okay to pay or not, along with the level in which you are planning to work in your podcasting production.

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