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Tesla’s Shocking X-Ray Foot ‘Selfie: Unveiling Tesla’s Inner Radiance:

Nikola Tesla Serbian-American inventor was famous for his work with radio and electricity. Having over 300 patents. However, not all his experiments became successful. He started experimenting with the technology in 1894.

Tesla’s X-Ray Experimentation

In the latter 19th century, Tesla started experimenting with radiation energy and observed damaged film from his previous experiments. At that time, Wilhelm Röntgen, a German physics professor, released research on X-rays.  Even though Röntgen is given credit for the discovery of X-rays, Tesla was right behind him. Due to an outburst of fire that destroyed Tesla’s workstation, he was unable to beat Rontgen.

There were no hard feelings among them. When Rontgen released his discoveries first. Tesla sent his findings as well. Rontgen sent him a return letter praising his work. 

Tesla didn’t stop experimenting with X-rays. He conducted experiments and built a high-energy vacuum tube that worked from the output of a Tesla coil—his most famous invention. This is known as  “shadowgraphs,” He took the most convenient model — himself. X-rays of both his foot and his hand are great proof of his work.


Tesla’s Valuable Insights

Tesla’s discoveries in the field of radiology went beyond that point, as he put forward the advantages of X-rays in medicine. He identified that X-rays create clear images for denser bodies compared to unclear ones. And displayed how this technology will assist to identify foreign objects within the body and even identifying lung diseases.

He was known as the first scientist to explain the side effects of working with radiation. Tesla identified changes to the skin, pain, swelling, and even hair loss. He incorrectly explained this by saying it is the effect of the ozone and nitrous acid generated by the rays. Due to this, he tried to find some things to be done to avoid these side effects.

During this time he focused on improving X-rays. He realized that distance and time were factors in saving the human body from their harmful effects. Tesla tried to produce an aluminum shield to give a barrier of protection.

Tesla had constant financial troubles due to his groundbreaking work. Nikola Tesla faced eviction from numerous New York City hotels due to his excessive electricity usage. He passed away at the age of 86. Currently, his legacy exists powerfully thanks to his discoveries in the scientific world and the impact of the technologies he created.

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