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Tandem Boogie Net Worth 2023 Update – What Happened after Shark Tank

Tandem Boogie, aka Tandem Surf, is a boogie board-creating company. It has over $1 million net worth as of 2023 and appeared on Shark Tank Season 12, Episode 17. The founder of Tandem Boogie is the Clark family, and they have a net worth of around $500,000 as of 2023.

So, the Cleark Family entered the Shark Tank hoping for $100 000 for 10% of equity. But finally, secure a deal of $100 000 for 35% of the equity with Daniel Lubetzky and Robert Herjavec.

And with its newly gained popularity, the company is still in business in June 2023. But how did Tandem Boogie become successful after these years? Stay till the end of the article to find out more.

How much is Tandem Boogie’s net worth in 2023?

According to our online research, Tandem Boogies’ net worth is over $ 1 million in June 2023. And Cleark family is net worth around $500,000 this year. According to the Kickstarter campaign, 101 backers generously contributed $31,230 towards making this project a reality and got revenue of around $ 3,000 within two months.

The products were sold in four retail stores. With that, the owners planned to expand its sales to $300,000 in the coming year. You can easily buy this product via their website and Amazon.

However, Tandem Boogies this year’s revenue has yet to be revealed. So, knowing how the company is doing now is important.

How is the Tandem Boogie doing now?

Tandem Boogie is still in business in June 2023. And the company name is now changed to Tandem Surf. Also, the company is now shipping its products outside the USA with FedEx. They organized their first annual TANDM Surf Contest at Santa Monica in June last year, which was very successful. Also, everyone is waiting for this year to come back

Also, they host meetups for bodyboarders and released two new products, Tandem Boogie PRO and Tandem Boogie AIR., in 2022. They are continually active on social media and have given many positive ideas to the LinkedIn community.

What is Tandem Boogie?

Tandem Boogie is a boogie board company from the USA. These Inflatable body boards were famous due to their size and because it’s made for two people. The Tandem Boogie Pro is the most famous among many. It’s a big bodyboard with bent rails made of the same foam material as Tom Morey’s first boogie boards.

The company Air is an inflatable bodyboard with patented Dynamic AIR Design technology, soft grip handles, a built-in camera mount, and a handy carrying case. Because of the amazing idea, everyone is curious about the owner.

Who owns Tandem Boogie?

Tabdem Boogie founders John, Manya Clarke, and their daughters appear in this image.

Tandem Boogie is a family-owned business. John and Manya Clarke and their daughters are the founders and owners of the company. Manya is an Industrial Engineer who has worked in Manufacturing and Operations for three decades. John is a marketing expert who worked in marketing and product development.

Their daughters Juliette and Alleanna are both studying Science, Computer Science, and Business Management at the University of California-Berkeley.

What happened to Tandem Boogie in Shark Tank?

The company entered Shark Tank hoping for $100,000 for 10 % of their company. Firstly, they gave a brief introduction to the product. And sharks were very happy to hear about the profit margin. However, Mark Cuban, Kevin Oleary, and Lori Greiner decided not to invest.

However, guest shark Daniel Lubetzky came with the offer of $100,000 for 25% with Robert Herjavec. Finally, after some negotiations, they agreed to $100,000 for 35% of the company.

Tandem Boogie was successful in business in June 2023. And it also expanded its sales outside to the USA countries, including Canada, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Africa. The company is hosting many nonprofit programs like Indo Jax.

Not only that, but their sales increased with the attention after the show. And many people were interested in its next move. Following this, the company is now worth around $1 million this year.

Tandem Boogie product review

Tandem Boogie has received positive reviews since the beginning of its business. And the product has maintained over four stars on online retail platforms like Amazon for years. And its Facebook page is full of positive reviews.

Everyone is happy that the board was created for two people. Also, how light it is when trying to get it out of the water. It’s easy to carry and inflate. It is the perfect partner for trips. Even though many are still curious about the competitors with similar products.

Who are the competitors of Tandem Boogie?

According to data online, Zefr, Surfstar LLC, Toobs Inc,, and Boogie Boards are the competitors for Tandem boogie boards.


How Is Company Doing After Shark Tank?

The company is still in business in June 2023. And it has expanded its online appearance and changed its name to Tandem Surf. Also, the company partnered with beach camps and many other surfing board-creating companies.

Who Owns Tandem Boogie?

Manya and John Clark and their daughters Alleanna, Juliette, and Lyla, aka Cleark family, own the Tandem Boogie company.

What Is Tandem Surf?

Tandem surfing is a sport that blends the art of surfing, the skills of gymnastics, and the coordinated moves of figure skating. And the company Tandem Surf is creating boogie boards for water sports enthusiasts.

Can Two People Surf?

Yes, two people can surf together easily with tandem surfing. It is a great way to surf with someone who has never done it.

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