Everyone loves to drink different flavored drinks, especially cocktails. Whenever we go out, we cling to the drinks as they are a simple and easy way of getting refreshed. Imagine yourself as you are out with your friends, and feel sweaty and thirsty. Your first choice would be a refreshing and sweet flavored drink. 

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Sofi Spritz cocktail business, what happened to Sofi Spritz after the shark tank

Ready-to-drink cocktails are our prime option and that’s what Sofi Spritz serves for you. Come, take a drink, hang with friends, and enjoy your day!

You love to drink fresh drinks but you are not ready to make them. You are wishing for a ready-to-drink bottle that may make you feel relaxing. So you got on the right option that is Sofi Spritz!

What is Sofi Spritz?

Sofi Spritz is an instant drinkable cocktail that gives natural flavor. It is an Australian-based start-up with the idea of dominating over the Swedish prevailing industry. The founder of the Sofi Spritz cocktail business, Tommy Maclean had clear thoughts of his business.

Tommy is having clear ambitions about his business, he said, he’ll grow his business to No.1 in the industry. this start-up is a fam-based campaign. Sofi took a loyal fan-based approach and launched an Equity Crowdfunding campaign

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Tommy Maclean and Sofi Spritz Cocktail Business

Chris Gilbert, The Co-founder of Equitise says, “the ability of Sofi Spritz to resonate with its fans, audience is so amazing that it turns into such huge crowdfunding. That’s what Tommy Maclean does and is ambitious for.

Similar drinks were seen in the 1980s on Virgin Australia flights, in bottle shops, BWS. Tommy took an idea of the wine-based drinks and then modified it into the Sofi Spritz industry.

Tommy Maclean started his business with a bang. Initially, he invested a lot and run fan-based campaigns. His investment rewarded him back enormously.

 Currently, Sofi Spritz is running on three flavors. Lemon and elderflower, white peach and ginger, blood orange, and bitters. All the flavors are available in a variety of drinks in bottles.

Tommy Maclean has not finished yet! He is promising to make more flavors and a great range of drinks.

Sofi Spritz is an instant drinkable cocktail that gives natural flavor

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Tommy Maclean appeared in Shark Tank with his start-up. Tommy proposed his business to the sharks for 10% shares with an investment of $130k. He presented his offer in such a smooth way that he got so many offers in the end.

In an answer to the question asked by sharks, he said the main competitors of Sofi Spritz are Swedish-based drink industries. He cleared his statement with a piece of information that drinks are based on natural flavors not artificial.

Janine offered $130k with 17% of the stake.

Glen also offered $130k but with 12% of shares.

Steve Baxter also offered to Tommy but he said he’ll make half of the proposed investment. He said he can invest $65k with a partnership with any other member of the Sharks.

Glen Richards Accepted this idea and both, Steve and Richard proposed $130k with 10% of the shares.

Tommy Maclean agreed with Steve and Richard and shared his business stake.

What happened to Sofi Spritz after the Shark Tank?

Although the start-up already had its popularity, after the shark tank it flourished amazingly. With the experience of great Sharks, Sofi Spritz earned so much fame.

Tommy Maclean succeeded to run three reward-based crowdfunding campaigns through Pozible. For equity funding of $400,000 to $1 M, Sofi Spritz is turning to Equitise. It will get $1K of investment for 12% of the shares. $8.415M is the estimated evaluation of the business in this way.

The Equitise campaign-based financial statement cleared the revenue of Sofi Spritz. The revenue grew to $1.977 million in FY19 with a gross profit of $950,000. The sale cost along with expenses increased around $650,000 with losses for FY19 up to $174,000 as compared to the previous year of $585,000.

Sofi Spritz is now leading globally with more than 2500 locations nationwide. It is now surpassing the BWS, Vintage Cellars, Dan Murphys, and First Choice.

“The real success of the product lies in the fact how much fans like the product. It is the way the fan-based crowdfunding campaigns get success”.

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