Should I Repair Or Replace My Garage Door?

Should I Repair Or Replace My Garage Door

Without a doubt, garage doors pull their weight (pun intended) to ensure we have an easy time. But at some point, they need some TLC to keep them operable. That said, you might be at a crossroads, wondering whether to replace or repair your garage door.

For a start, Titan Garage Door is a locally owned and operated firm – a listening partner with your interests at heart. The firm’s experienced and friendly technicians offer garage door repair Surrey residents can count on. Their round-the-clock service could save your day if a wonky garage door threatens to throw your plans sideways.

The firm has also developed criteria to help you determine whether to bite the bullet by investing in a new unit or repairing your garage door. Let’s have a look.

When A Repair is Feasible

Not every garage door is a candidate for a replacement. Often, all it needs is a replacement of worn or damaged parts, and soon enough, it’s back in business. Thus, the following circumstances could warrant a repair:

  • Squealing or grinding noises – these may arise from worn pulleys, bearings or cables, bent tracks, or misaligned parts.
  • Damaged panels – depending on the extent of the damage, repair or replacement of a few panels could do the job. That said, you should act quickly to avoid further damage, which could lead to a costly repair.
  • Torn or frayed cables – a replacement of broken or worn cables pair can restore you door’s balance. Often, rust or dirt accumulates on the cables, making it hard for the system to operate.
  • Worn springs – if your tension springs appear stretched out or the door doesn’t open and close smoothly, part replacement can restore normal function. Also, odd noises emanating from the springs could indicate wear and tear that new components can address.
  • Sagging door – sometimes, loose hinges or flattened tracks can result in a sagging garage door. Retighten the screws or order new rollers and hinges to get the door back in shape. You may also apply lubricant to moving parts to ward off further damage.
  • Motor issues – a busted motor may need repair or replacement, depending on the extent of the damage.
  • Failed sensors – faulty sensors can cause the door to close unexpectedly. A quick repair might be all you need to avert mishaps or injuries.

Most of these issues are easy to resolve. Before taking drastic action, let a professional inspect your door to ascertain the problem and bring it back to life. Chances are it only has a minor or moderate issue requiring simple repairs.

When to Replace Your Garage Door

Sometimes, a repair isn’t worth it. Plus, you may spring for a new garage door based on various considerations. Let’s outline some signs that you need a replacement.

  • Age – typically, garage doors have a 20-year service life. If your unit is past its prime or doesn’t appear to have much left to give, replacing it might be a good idea. Plus, old garage doors generally aren’t well insulated, meaning they let in drafts, which may increase your utility costs. Investing in a new unit allows you to enjoy greater energy efficiency or better security features.
  • Nature of damage – if your door has several damaged panels and many other issues, such as jerky operation and worn tension springs, you probably need to shop for an upgrade. Likewise, if the damage compromises the door’s structural integrity, you should consider buying a new unit.
  • Frequent repairs – a door that breaks down regularly could signal the need for a replacement. Maybe it works today but has other ideas the next, leaving you out in the cold, frustrated, and desperate for a solution. Plus, the cost of regular repairs can add up over time. Thus, instead of having a repair technician’s number on speed dial, save yourself the trouble and stress by investing in a new door.
  • Depreciation – if your home is up for sale, a new garage door can increase its value and appeal to potential buyers. Garage doors typically have a 90% ROI. Studies also suggest that homes with new garage doors sell faster as they elevate a home’s appearance. This doesn’t mean your old unit should be out of commission to necessitate a replacement. Maybe you want to switch things up while remodeling your home and prefer a new look. If so, a high-quality and appealing door might make sense.

If a repair is on the cards, it’s advisable to let a professional tackle it. They can also help rule out a replacement and determine the extent of the damage. And should you need to invest in a new unit, they can walk you through the options available and help ensure a professional installation.

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