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Digital Masterplanning Technology:  Reimagining the real estate industry

Digital Masterplanning

What if someone tells you that there is an ultimate tool to revolutionize real estate marketing and enhance commercial and residential property presentation for potential buyers and investors? Sounds unrealistic? Digital masterplaning software and an interactive masterplan app are a dream come true for real estate professionals. Embrace the technology to showcase new listings, under-construction projects, or new neighborhood plans in virtual reality.  Discover how one can reimagine your real estate business with a new interactive and immersive digital masterplanning approach. 

What is digital masterplanning?

In the context of real estate, digital masterplanning refers to using 3D technology to plan and design a development project, construction sites, and surroundings. Such an approach allows real estate professionals to simulate different scenarios and test their feasibility. The digital masterplanning process enables collaboration between multiple parties, including architects, engineers, urban planners, and salespersons. 

Interactive masterplan app: Explained 

An interactive 3D masterplan app is a tool for real estate professionals to access digital masterplanning, manipulate and modify the virtual project models, and communicate with the rest of the development team about discoveries or technical limitations. 

Moreover, realtors and salespersons can use interactive master plan apps for marketing efforts, showcasing new projects, and listing. Such a multi-platform application allows potential buyers to explore the property functionality, surrounding area and environment, estimated value, availability, and much more. 

Limitations of traditional masterplanning

With digital transformation, the real estate industry steps away from set-in-stone outdated practices and approaches, as it doesn’t stimulate full business potential. Here are the three main challenges and limitations of traditional masterplanning: 

  1. Lack of collaboration: Masterplanning requires collaboration between multiple parties and stakeholders, including architects, engineers, construction workers, planners, and marketing / sales teams. However, the traditional approach offers weak communication systems, leading to misunderstandings, conflicts, and delays in the planning or design stages. 
  2. Time and money-consuming: Traditional masterplanning takes a huge chunk of time, wanted for communication issues and re-creating multiple masterplan models. Multiple design iterations lead to increased unexpected expenses. 
  3. Difficulty visualizing the final result: The most significant limitation traditional masterplanning has is failing to visualize the final result. The outdated approach relies on 2D drawings and physical models, which, realistically, can’t represent the full project potential and communicate the vision. Such limitations can lead to design mistakes and significantly slow down the sales and advertisement process. 

Virtual masterplanning and 3d technology convince professionals to switch to innovative methods and approaches. 

The solution: Digital masterplanning software 

The challenges real estate professionals face using traditional masterplanning determine spiked demand for innovative digital solutions. Interactive 3D masterplanning tackles each of the major pain points, providing multiple additional benefits. 

Benefits of interactive master plan application: 

  • Interactive masterplan app can streamline the planning and design process, significantly reducing the time and resources required to complete real estate projects; 
  • It’s an ultimate visualization tool that allows accurate and detailed representation of the project vision;
  • Digital masterplanning is a bridge between all parties involved in the property developments, keeping everyone up-to-date with recent developments and rescuing miscommunication;
  • Virtual 3D masterplanning enhances flexibility, allowing to test of various solutions and finding the best course of action; 
  • The interactive masterplan app is an ultimate advertisement tool that allows realtors to sell under-construction properties much faster and improve communication with buyers; 
  • The interactive and immersive nature of the 3D masterplan app attracts more high-potential leads and stimulates the desire to buy;
  • Digital masterplanning software helps identify risks and challenges by stimulating various scenarios and analyzing data, allowing project leads to design better risk management strategies; 
  • An interactive masterplan app reduces time and expenses during the property planning and design stage. Moreover, using the application for marketing purposes allows salespersons to attract investors and potential buyers; 

Features and capabilities of the interactive 3D master plan app 

An interactive masterplan app can unlock the full potential of real estate professionals with cutting-edge features and mind-blowing capabilities. Learn what features can help realtors take advantage of out-of-this-world technology to reimagine real estate marketing.

  • Showcasing property and its surrounding from various viewpoints and angles, including eye-level and bird views; 
  • Interacting with the real estate by zooming in on selected areas of the masterplan; 
  • Learning the general information about the property, including the floor plans, prices, dimensions, amount of units, etc.; 
  • Exploring the interior and exterior of the selected house or complex with immersive 360 walkthroughs; 
  • Connecting with development team members via chats or emails;
  • Getting in touch with potential buyers or investors through social media accounts or emails;
  • Filtering the property search by unit types, budget, size, or avail amenities; 
  • Exploring how the property fits in the surrounding area and nearby features with 360 street walkthroughs;
  • Highlighting the best property interior and exterior features that boost the desire to buy or invest in the project; 
  • Providing availability information, booking options, and more to elevate the customer experience. 
  • Implementing AR technology to allow users to discover the development project in real-life settings. 

Final thoughts 

There is no denying that digital masterplanning and interactive 3D masterplan applications are the future of the real estate industry. The main question is when your business will get on board this ship and embrace the out-of-this-world capabilities of virtual reality tools. Whether your goal is to optimize the property development process or to elevate marketing and sales efforts for a real estate company, an interactive 3D masterplan app is a proven solution to consider. 

Trust digital masterplanning software only top experts to create a high-quality product with astonishing visuals, efficient tools, and outstanding user experience. Explore leaders of digital solutions for real estate, like VisEngine, to help you embrace virtual reality. With years of experience in the industry, VisEngine knows how to empower your business with unique and mind-blowing solutions to reimagine your marketing strategies and skyrocket sales and profit. 

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Written by Joshua White

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