Today’s generation requires a personalized shopping experience. With shorter attention-span and trigger fingers, they want instant gratification. To convert more visitors into consumers, ecommerce businesses must be more creative to speak to their specific audience’s language. 

Increasing the number of customers is a tricky task that requires a lot of research, coding, implementation and analytics into user’s online experience. Twik, the personalization automation platform, lightens the workload by supplying AI algorithms for all types of ecommerce stores that identifies visitor’s intension and store’s goal and matching them both in real time to increase sales and revenue automatically. Twik presents a powerful business analytics engine that provide second to none insights.

Ecommerce personalization delivers a specific and more tailored shopping experience to each and every customer. Personalizing the consumer experience helps create a long-term relationship, creates brand loyalty, and encourages the customer to be a frequent buyer of the product. Doing that all automatically and in real time with full GDPR/CCPA compliancy is the twik way. Ecommerce statistics show that some type of personalization on a homepage translates to an almost 85% positivity rating by customers. The same statistics show that 75% of customers will buy products from a retailer that knows their purchase intent and address it. When a company fails to personalize their content, almost 70% of customers feel frustrated, often navigating away from site. The benefits that come from ecommerce personalization automation are abundant and end up increasing store’s sales quickly, increasing retention and engagement, increasing customer loyalty, and increasing word-of-mouth marketing. 

Some specific personalized marketing features that twik uses are Geo-location targeting, which allows you to adjust the homepage, the specific products, language and currency depending on where the customer is located. Amazingly, twik personalization adjusts the navigation of menu and sub-menu items, products and product pages to fit the customers age, gender and interests.  Twik also has weather-sensitive personalization and can offer the customer information based on their specific climate.

Twik, the Ecommerce Personalization Automation Platform, can turn your online presence from good to great. It is the best and easiest platform you can use to automatically personalize your ecommerce store with an easy click of a button. Twik is great for non-tech wizards and does not require marketing or coding experience. Become an online superstar with twik today!

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