Google is Planning Massive Crackdown on Google Play Store – Android 12

Android 12: Release Date, Supported device - Everything We Know So Far

Google Play Store is also known as the Android Market. It is a digital distribution service to operate and develop android apps. The developer and distributor of this Android Market are Google. It is known as one of the most important and certified platforms to download android apps. The users give preference to this platform to download android apps. According to them, they find secured apps on the Google Play Store. On the Google Play Store, you can find free as well as paid apps. After finding their required apps on the Google Play Store, the users can easily download these apps. It was developed in 2012 and till now, it has brought lots of changes in its algorithms to provide the best apps to the users.

In-app payments controversy

Nowadays, in-app payments have become the most controversial topic. Due to this controversial topic, most of the developers are criticizing Google and Apple. The developers have criticized Google and Apple for their charges on the up-gradation and other digital content. For this reason, the developers have to face lots of problems. The most important example is Epic Games. Epic Games have introduced a recent Frontier update. As a result of this update, Google and Apple have pulled the games from their play stores. Most of the developers have explained this act of Google and Apple in different ways. Anyhow, Google and Apple make these kinds of changes in their algorithms to provide a safe user-experience to the users.

Almost a week ago, Google has explained its update. According to Google, they are going to take stricter enforcement approach on the policies of the in-app purchases. Most of the developers know that this is not a new rule. Google has introduced this rule a few months ago. Anyhow, Google is going to implement this rule from now. According to this rule, if a developer wants to introduce the in-app purchasing system in his app, he will have to select Google Play’s billing system. If he will use another billing system, Google will take strict actions against the developers. It means that Google has introduced Google Play’s billing system for the in-app purchases of digital goods.

Google Play’s billing system updated

According to Google, they are looking for those developers who are introducing the in-app purchasing system in their apps. These developers should use Google Play’s billing system. If they will use the Google Play’s billing system, they will have to pay some percentage of the purchases to Google as the service fee. On the other hand, if they are using another billing system, Google can’t keep a record of their purchases. If Google doesn’t keep a record of these purchases, it can’t claim service fee from the developers. The Google team has also explained this policy. According to them, this policy is applicable only on the 3% developers because only 3% of developers are introducing in-app purchases in their apps.

Google has taken this data from the previous year. Google’s data record is showing that only 3% of developers have sold digital products in their apps by using the in-app purchasing system. Moreover, in these developers, almost 97% of developers are using the native billing system of Google to sell the products. On the other hand, the remaining 3% of developers are using other billing systems to purchase the products. From September 30, 2020, 3% of developers will also use Google’s native billing system to sell the products. Now, most of the developers are asking a question that what will happen if they will not follow this billing system. If developers will not follow this update of Google, they will not comply with the policies of Google. Due to the violation of Google’s policies, their apps may be removed from the Google Play Store.

The newest version of Android – Android 12 version

Research by a dissertation help firm shows that in 2020, the smartphone companies will introduce Android 12 operating system in their smartphones. Google is also working on providing the best user-experience to the Android 12 users. Google’s experts are saying that Google’s operating system will be amazing for the Android 12 users. They can use the Google Play Store on their smartphones without considering the security measures. Google will make new changes in its algorithms to ensure the security of the users. Most of the people are asking a question that how it will look like and how it will work. The answer to this question is that it is still a mystery because developers of Google Play Store are still working on it.

Google has plenty of time to think about it. Its reason is that till now, the smartphone companies have introduced only Android 11 operating system. The companies will take some time to introduce the Android 12 operating system. Most of the smartphone companies will introduce the preinstalled version of the Google Play Store. Anyhow, the users can also install other play stores. The users should know that Google Play Store is the best platform to download android apps. Google Play Store is providing lots of benefits to the users.

What will be there ‘new’ on google play store?

First, it is the best platform to enhance the visibility of the apps. This benefit is for the developers. As a developer, if you want to enhance the visibility of your app, you can use the ‘Featured’ option of this platform. The ‘Featured’ option of this play store will be helpful to you to compete with your rivals. Secondly, developers can enjoy higher downloads. Its reason is that Google Play Store has millions of users. If your website is ranked higher in the Google Play Store, millions of people will download your android app. Thirdly, the developers can enjoy more daily active users. If your app is installed on millions of devices, lots of people will use it daily. This thing will increase the revenue of the developers. At last, it is also easy for app developers to promote the apps. When you will promote your apps, it will show your apps on its homepage. As a result, most people will download your app. Instead of these changes in the algorithms, you should not leave this platform.