Premier league football predictions

Premier league football predictions

Betting on sports is considered to be quite a long-standing pastime that is in demand all over the world. In today’s industry, there are many resources, whose owners are ready to offer interesting odds and opportunities to earn money. Thanks to knowledge of their favorite game, gamblers can earn good money.

Traditionally, the majority of bets are on soccer. This sport is the most popular and not for nothing it is called “the game of millions”. Therefore, the offer of odds in the most competitive matches is on many sites. Since the English Premier League is considered to be the most competitive and interesting championship, betting on its matches is the most common. 

Therefore, it is extremely important not only to understand how to make premier league predictions but also to understand where to place such bets. Most resources offer only classic betting variations, and their sites have been stuck in the past decade in terms of the tools on offer and design. Therefore, players are increasingly interested in new, modern sites, where the range of bets and opportunities are many times higher. 

Among such resources, xGscore stands out. Over the past 5 years, the site has provided new analytics, statistics of the teams’ games, and fair odds, which players use to form their predictions. Let’s take a closer look at why you should cooperate with this site and why it has advantages over its competitors.

Why bet on the Premier League at xGscore

The xGscore platform provides its users with a lot of tools for work. All odds are formed after a long analysis of various parameters. However, the main role in accounting for the forecast is played by the odds of expected goals. 

Of course, in addition to xG, other parameters with different variables are taken into account. But it is this indicator that helps to form the odds for the match result and goals scored most correctly. As a result, users can immediately notice the right odds and make the right bet.

Also, the resulting analytics can be used to form their predictions. On the site, you can view:

  • general analytics on teams;
  • information about the rating of teams;
  • data on the club playing tone;
  • information about the results of the team and each chain (defense, offense).

With the help of the obtained data, bettors conduct their research, and based on it they are convinced of the fairness of the provided odds. In this case, the bettor’s analysis results and platform analysts coincide almost 100%. Of course, players will not be able to guarantee themselves a win if they bet based on these odds. However, with their help, you can increase your chances of success, because most predictions do come true. Therefore, users should at least pay attention to this site and try to cooperate with it.

Types of bets

When punters are building their first premier league predictions, they need to understand what types of bets are possible at xGscore. For its bettors, the site offers bets on:

  • exact score;
  • goals from both teams
  • total;
  • results of certain clubs.

Betting on the exact score is considered the most simple way to make money. The player predicts what the result will be in a match between two teams. However, the probability of success of such a bet is not the highest. Matches can turn out differently because in the English Premier League success can be expected even an outsider even in a match between Burnley and Manchester City. 

A bet on goals from both clubs is much more likely. The Premier League is quite an efficient championship and even the most obvious outsiders rarely score less than 20 goals in the championship. Therefore, predictions on goals from both sides often come true. 

A bet on the total is also likely to be successful. It will work if the player bets on more or less than a certain number of goals scored by both teams. Since the English championship is very productive, such predictions come true quite often. 

Betting on the results of certain teams helps to earn the most. There are a lot of features here. For example, players can earn by betting on the result of a certain club, on the victory of the home team or the visitors, etc. But you need to be very careful when making such predictions.

What is the basis for predictions

To bet correctly, bettors must correctly build their premier league predictions in advance. At xGscore, first of all, the odds of possible xG goals are taken into account. However, it is also important to take into account other parameters with the help of which the odds are created. 

This resource builds predictions in two ways: through trends and ROI. Each of them has its peculiarities, but with the help of such predictions, it is easier for players to understand the fairness of the odds and possible outcomes in each of their matches. 

This prediction is based on the team`s results. It is used by many betting sites. The most common predictions provided are for the following trends:

  • all matches of the club;
  • results in home/away matches;
  • results of matches between clubs.

In the English championship, such parameters play an important role for the users. That’s why xGscore analysts provide statistics not only for the latest games. Here you can filter most matches and understand their final results. Thanks to such predictions, users can more accurately predict the result of certain games and earn good money based on the obtained statistics. Other resources mostly offer 1-2 season predictions. On xGscore the statistical sample is much wider, which is their advantage over their competitors.

ROI predictions

In addition, predictions for the Premier League can be built based on the return on investment or ROI. The analysts at xGscore also use it when building their predictions. It is more of an economic calculation formula and counts each bet as an investment and each win as a profit or ROI. 

For example, betting 100 euros on odds of 1.5 the player will earn 150 euros. Accordingly, 50 euros will be his earnings. To calculate the ROI, you need to divide the profit by the amount of the bet and multiply by 100%. In this example, it will be 50%. 

This parameter is more often used when calculating several related bets. Experienced bettors, help to make correct predictions and earn with their help. This is a good economic tool that shows that betting through xGscore is a painstaking labor of statisticians and analysts, and not just a gambling entertainment. 

In addition, the resource appreciates the reviews of registered users. Each of them can put a like or dislike near each predicted odds. Thus, they agree or disagree with the fairness of their calculations. As a result, other players see the feedback and can also place their bets based on it. This company does not hide the results of such surveys and this is another obvious advantage of cooperating with them.


Having analyzed the work of this site we can confidently say that xGscore deserves attention among experienced players. The resource provides a lot of offers for betting not only in the English championship but also on top matches of other strong championships, European club tournaments, and matches of national teams. 

There are 4 variations for betting, decent analytics, and a lot of information that will help players to make their predictions. You just need to use the provided information and based on it develop your betting strategy and earn with its help. The representatives of xGscore will help players to achieve this goal.

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Written by Joshua White

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