NFL quarterbacks

The role of the quarterback.

Probably the most well-known of every team, NFL quarterbacks are known to be the signal-caller. They are members of the offense and typically line up behind the offensive line. They are often considered to be the leader of offensive plays, and they are responsible for calling the play in the huddle. Furthermore, they also tend to touch the ball on every single offensive play, and they typically also throw the most forward passes.

We know quarterbacks, and some of the most infamous players in the NFL are quarterbacks. However, what we really want to know is, what makes an amazing quarterback?

Today we will look at the 5 must-have traits of a superstar NFL quarterback.

1.  Arm strength and tuned touch.

It may seem a bit obvious to state this, but the absolute first trait an NFL quarterback must-have is a combination of superior arm strength and finely tuned touch. The main purpose of this player on the field is to distribute the ball to other skilled players in a manner with which the other players can advance the ball down the field to score a touchdown.

They will typically distribute the ball by handing it off or throwing it to another player. This means that to be effective enough on the field, they need to develop their arms in a way that balances their strength to throw the ball hard or long, as well as have a fine touch.

2.  Pseudo-telepathic connection with receivers.

We do not mean that quarterbacks all have supernatural powers. Although that would make the game interesting if they did. What we mean is that they should have an almost sixth sense with their receivers. They will typically practice with receivers over and over to get a feel for their tendencies, their behaviors and to be able to accurately anticipate what they will do next. Quarterbacks and receivers in stardom will read the defensive scheme and body language of the opponent’s defenders to seek out the best place on the field to throw and catch the ball. The quarterback, therefore, needs to anticipate the moves the receiver will make.

The most skilled quarterbacks will typically throw the ball to a place on the field where only their receivers will be able to catch it.

3.  Absolute mastery of the offense.

Similar to how we were talking about telepathy between quarterback and receivers, a quarterback must have the ability to master their team’s offensive schemes. It’s not all physical practice, they must study the playbook over and over and over, again and again, to get to know it better than the back of their hand. This will give them the widest knowledge to know where each player should be on the field, when and doing what, this will help them make the best decisions on how they can best distribute the ball to beat their opponents in the game.

Quarterbacks are like the directors of their team’s movie, and their team is the crew. They must creatively understand the space, and use it and all their team to the best advantage they can. Next time you watch a game, keep a keen eye on the quarterback, and you will not only see their incredible speed and strength, but also you might just see their brain working at full capacity to make full use of the space on the field.

4.  Mastery of the opponent’s typical behaviors.

Not only must they be strong, connect with their receivers, and master of the field, understanding their offense, but they also need to study even more! They need to gain mastery of their opposition’s defense and how they act. Mastering their opponent’s behaviors and the defensive scheme will help them determine which receiver will be the most open for a pass.

They need to be able to read football formations, it will help them to know whether or not the play called will work to their advantage or if they should change it up at the line of scrimmage, thus calling an ‘audible’

5.   Deals well under pressure.

You know on your resume when you write ‘works well under pressure, well quarterbacks definitely have this! These players have to stay calm in the midst of chaos. While under pressure, they need to make a wise and educated decision about how they can distribute the ball most effectively. When they drop back to throw a pass, the defense will usually send three or more players to attempt to harass or tackle them.

A good quarterback will stay calm and collected while they have a group of bulky guys running at them ready to tackle. They will find the best receiver, possibly tuck the ball and make a run for it, or they will throw the ball if they need to. They must be calm and collected to make the best decisions.

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