This New Astronomical Object Has Trillions Of Times More Magnetic Pull Than The Earth!

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Kushani Gunathilaka
The New Astronomical Object Has Trillions Of Times More Magnetic Pull Than The Earth!

The universe is filled with mysteries and plenty of mind-blowing astronomical objects. The Magnetars are some of such wonders in the universe. They are Helium rich stars that have a magnetic pull of trillion times more than the Earth! They are undoubtedly one of the most extreme objects that have ever known. The recent discovery of one such unique star or a Magnetar might give us many answers we are looking for. Let’s dive in.

The Magnetar that is discovered lies 3,000 light-years away from us. Researchers are stunned as they were studying this astronomical wonder. They say any traditional models can’t explain the star’s perplexing behavior! However, they have got a hold of how strong its magnetic fields are.

An artist impression shows HD 45166, a massive star recently discovered to have a powerful magnetic field of 43,000 gauss, the strongest magnetic field ever found in a massive star.

Image Source: CNN

The magnetic fields are found to be so strong, unlike anything. It is determined to be the most magnetic massive star ever recorded! The recent stud is now published in the Journal Science.

We have never really observed them because they’re very difficult to detect — except for this object,” said lead author of the study and an astronomer at the University of Amsterdam, Tomer Shenar.

Scientists also believe that the star could one day collapse in a supernova explosion! The results of such an explosion will not be very pretty. It could make a dead star with a magnetic pull billions of times stronger than the current star. Scientists and researchers are now studying the magnetar – HD 45166. The current discovery could unlock many mysteries in the universe.

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