Mobilyser Net Worth 2024 Shark Tank Update
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Mobilyser Net Worth 2024 Shark Tank Update

Mobilyser won’t be in business in 2024. However, the company was worth $4 million when it appeared on the Shark Tank in 2015. Mobiliser appeared on Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 11 of Shark Tank Australia and left without a deal. However, it gained some attention from fans, but now it’s no longer in business in January 2024.

Mobilyser Net Worth 2024

Net worth$4 million(2015)
Annual Sales Revenue
Lifetime sales
FounderRobbie Adams

The Mobilyser company is out of business, according to the reports in January 2024. The company didn’t receive any investment from the shark and left without a deal. It was valued at $4 million at the time.

However, with its popularity after the show, it was operated for some time. But there isn’t any information about funding or profit.

Mobilyser Sales And Revenue

Mobilyser went out of business in 2016. So there aren’t any reports on sales or the company’s revenues. However, the founder had invested around $400-450k without any sales.

Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2024
Net Worth 2022
Net worth valuation 2015 after appearing on Shark Tank  N/E
Net worth valuation 2015 before appearing on Shark Tank  $4 million

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Competitors Of The Mobilyser?

There aren’t any competitors for the Mobilyser app, as the company isn’t operating in 2024.

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Mobilyser Shark Tank Update

ProductAn app that separates work-related calls from personal calls for tax purposes
EpisodeSeason 01 Episode 11
FounderRobbie Adams
Asked For$1 million  for 25% equity
Company nameMobilyser
Final DealNone

Mobiliser got attention from many after appearing on Shark Tank, even though it didn’t get any deal from the Sharks. However, the last update from the company is from 2015, and it has been out of business since 2016.

What Is Mobilyser?

Mobilyser is a subscription-based phone app. It tags an individual’s contacts, keeps track of their calls and 30 days later. It then gives that person a record of how much they’ve spent on personal or work-related calls. In addition to this, Mobilyser facilitates its users on tax return claims. Mobilyser is expected to expand within the next 12 months. Into a market of 230M people, it hopes to yield an expected profit of $7.8M by the end of 2015.

Mobilyser Founder

Mobilyser founder at the Shark Tank Australia

Robbie Adams was a military veteran and had an agricultural background. He developed his mobile app in 201d5 and invested more than $400k. However, the company got rejected at the Shark Tank and stopped operating in 2016.


Is Mobilyser Still In Business?

The company stopped operating in 2016

Who Invested In Mobilyser

None of the sharks were interested in the business and didn’t invited at the shark tank pitch.

What Is Mobilyser Net Worth In 2024?

There isn’t any information about the company’s net worth since it isn’t operating in 2024.

How Much Profit Did Sharks Earn From The Mobilyser?

Sharks didn’t receive any income since they didn’t invest in the company.

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