Mistura Beauty current net worth – what happened to Mistura Beauty after Dragons’ Den 

Mistura Beauty current net worth - what happened to Mistura Beauty after Dragons' Den

It’s hard to find the time to do your makeup in the morning, and when you finally do have a few minutes to spare, you don’t want to spend it fiddling with a bunch of different products. 

Most women have to use multiple products to get the look they want, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. also, It’s hard to find a good all-in-one makeup system that works with your skin tone and lasts all day. 

That’s why Mistura was created, an all-in-one makeup system that gives you incredible results with just one shade and one formula. 

What Is Mistura Beauty?

Mistura is an all-in-one beauty product company. Their 6-in-1 Beauty Solution Compact is perfect for on-the-go women who want a quick and easy makeup routine. The fragrance-free formula is long-lasting and ideal for most skin tones.

Now they have a variety of products specially made for the face, eyes, and lips. They also have some all-in-one beauty product kits. 

Mistura Beauty is an all-in-one beauty product company.

Andi Marcus

Andi Marcus is the president and CEO of Mistura, the Ottawa-based cosmetic company. 

Andi Marcus

What happened to Mistura Beauty at Dragons’ Den?

Andy was asking for 200K CAD for 10% of her company, valued at 2M dollars. 

The board was curious if she had made any sales yet. 

At the time Mistura was selling their multi-functioning mineral-based powder

Called six in one beauty solution

‘oh I have sales darling, what I have is called the six-in-one beauty solution. It’s a multi-functioning mineral-based powder. it takes the place of a foundation, a concealer, a blush, a bronzer. Lipstick and eyeshadow also use it

Then Andy pointed out why their product is different from others on the market. 

‘The biggest differentiating factor between our product and other mineral-based products on the market is that it’s one multi-functioning shade for everybody. so it works on women of every color, Caucasians Asians East Asians.’

Andi Marcus at dragon’s den pitch

The Dragon Brett Wilson met with this business prospect, but no deal was ever finalized at their meeting. 

Since appearing on the “dragon’s Den” television show, Marcus’ product has been a huge success. She received a call from Costco after the episode aired and they were able to generate $850K in revenue because of it! 

The company grew 1100% as well with 700 stores across Canada allowing you to buy make-up online or at all manner of them!

Mistura Beauty current net worth 

Mistura Beauty, the cosmetic company started in 2007 has generated a revenue of around 5M dollars

With a philosophy of Beauty Simplified, Mistura is launching new products to include mascara and eye shadow. The company plans on releasing these in small batches with the aim for quality over speed as they believe this will keep customers happy by giving them what they want while also supporting small business owners who depend upon repeat sales from their loyal customer base.

You can visit their official online store www.misturabeauty.com to purchase the beauty products you need at a discounted price. 

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