Kelvin.23 – what happened to the Most Successful Business in Dragon den Canada 

Kelvin.23 - what happened to the Most Successful Business in Dragon den Canada 

Trying to fix things around the house can be frustrating and time-consuming. You never seem to have the right tool for the job. 

It’s hard to believe, but even simple tasks like fixing a shelf or hanging a picture can be incredibly difficult if you don’t have the right tools. You end up wasting time and energy trying to MacGyver something together with whatever you have on hand.

Let me explain how Kelvin Tools Kelvin 23 Ultra Multi Toolset can ease your job.

What Is Kelvin 23?

Kelvin 23, the 23-in-1 multi-tool set has everything you need for any repair or DIY project, from a hammer and screwdriver set to a tape measure and liquid level. Plus, their foldable screwdriver has a powerful alloy magnet that will hold onto screws so you don’t lose them in the middle of a project.

You can use it for all the light to medium duty repair jobs. Think of it as having an entire toolbox in the palm of your hands.

Kelvin 23, the 23-in-1 multi-tool set has everything you need for any repair or DIY project

Who Is Kelvin Royes?

Royes, the brand innovator from Vancouver, Canada is the founder of Kelvin Tools. He invented the multi-tool set called Kelvin 23. He is also the founder of The Social-Preneur Club.

We can assume Royes is a born entrepreneur and business because he started his first business at age while in high school. This inventor-preneur also has some patents under his name. Today his business is operated in thirty-five countries around the world.

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What happened at Dragons’ Den?

At Dragon’s Den Kelvin was asking $ 200K in exchange for 10% of his company.

When Kelvin takes a few traditional tools like a hammer, measuring tape, and level out of the toolbox and his newly invented pocket multi toolset to compare and explain why his Kelvin 23 toolset is the way to go Brett brought Debbie Travis to the stage.

Then Kelvin handed out his tool to the Dragons and stated he has a US Design Patent for that product.

Then Dragons wanted to know if there were any sales at the moment. Kelvin was selling the tool locally in Canada and distributing it to the UK.

Kelvin was asking for money to set up his factories in 70 countries across the world.

“You don’t want to take manufacturing risks… I prefer to get a piece of the royalty and let you go running around getting it listed… Your deal sucks”. said, O’Leary.

But Jim was there. He loved the product. And said,

After Kelvin explained the future versions of the product Jim agreed to give what Kelvin asked.

“This is a great machine…I am in for $200,000 for 10% in a heartbeat with this thing”.said Jim confirming the deal. ‘

Arlene joined the party and proposed the same offer. Then Robert asked the Dragons to offer $400K for 25 for each of them.

Kelvin took the risk and asked for $500K from the three Dragons for 25% of his company.

Robert was only hesitating to do the deal until he found that the other two is all in for what Kelvin asked.

What happened to Kelvin tools after Dragons’ Den?

Kelvin tools now have an upgraded version of kelvin 23 called Kelvin 36. It has all the essential everyday household tools like a bottle opener and corkscrew which is perfect for kitchen work.

Then they introduced a light toolset called Kelvin 17 to match the price points. Along with the described above, they are introducing more and more cool handy tools to their customers. For example, Kelvin 8 is an automobile emergency tool.

you can find and buy Kelvin 23 at the official Kelvin tools store.

The current net worth of Kelvin 23

Kelvin 23 made $1.49M in revenue according to the DNB business directory. But, as the sales and production are growing and with a new line of products the revenue of the company must be much more than $2M we assume.