Mike & Nellie’s was a New Jersey restaurant featured on season 05 of Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsay visited the Mike & Nellie’s in July 2011 and the episode aired in October 2011. As of 2024, Mike & Nellie’s is closed. 

Is Mike & Nellie’s still open or closed?

Since the episode aired in October 2011, many are wondering whether Mike & Nellie’s is still open or closed. As of 2024, Mike & Nellie’s is closed in New Jersey nearly 13 years after Gordon Ramsay’s visit. 

It appears that Mike and Nellie’s Steakhouse faced challenges even after Gordon Ramsay’s visit, ultimately closing its doors in January 2012, just three months after the “Kitchen Nightmares” episode featuring the restaurant aired on TV.

As of 2023, the location in Oakhurst, NJ, where Mike and Nellie’s used to be, is now occupied by an Italian restaurant called Posillipo. However, according to Yelp reviews, Posillipo seems to have received average ratings.

Episode Recap

Mike & Nellie’s was episode 3 of season 5.

Restaurant name Mike & Nellie’s
Owner  Mike
WaitersSamantha, Jeanine
Chef: Mike, Daniel
Original Episode Air DateOctober 7, 2011
Mike & Nellie’s Address1801 Hwy 35 N Oakhurst, New Jersey 07755
Is Mike & Nellie’s still open? (2024)Closed

Mike & Nellie’s update 2024 – Where are they now?

Mike and Nellie’s Steakhouse shut down in January 2012, just six months after Gordon Ramsay visited and three months after their Kitchen Nightmares episode aired on TV. Now, in 2023, the place in Oakhurst, NJ, where Mike and Nellie’s used to be, is taken over by an Italian restaurant called Posillipo. According to Yelp, Posillipo has received average reviews.

What happened to the owners of Mike and Nellie’s

Although, Mike and Nellie’s Steakhouse closed down, the Farber family didn’t leave the food business entirely. Now they operate a private catering company called Blue Basil Catering Company, where Mike is the main chef. The business caters for various events like house parties, and corporate gatherings, and even provides catering services for aviation-related events.

Restaurant location map :

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