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Malaria Returns to US Soil |Florida and Texas Face New Health Challenge

Malaria Returns to US Soil: Florida and Texas Face New Health Challenge

Malaria is a disease that transmits when the female anopheline mosquito feeds on a person with malaria and then feeds on another. Health officials in the US have identified cases of locally acquired malaria in Florida and Texas. Which is the first instance of mosquito-transmitted transmission in two decades.

This article consists of recent cases and highlights important details on symptoms, transmission, treatment, preventive measures, and collective efforts to mitigate the situation. There is current surveillance in place to identify any additional cases.

Malaria Transmission and Risk Factors:

Malaria spread through the bite of infected mosquitoes. While malaria is not common in the US, the Anopheles mosquitoes found in many parts of the country can spread the disease if they have fed on an infected person.

Symptoms and Urgency of Treatment:

People may experience symptoms such as sweats, fever, and chills. Patients having Malaria are prescribed antimalarial drugs to remove the parasite causing the infection. Identifying the disease on time and giving proper care is extremely vital to prevent the spread of this disease.

Methods to Prevent the Spread Of Malaria

People are asked to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants and use insect repellents to protect them from mosquito bites. Removing water from places where mosquitoes breed is also important. Healthcare providers in the malaria spread areas are asked to consider malaria in patients with unexplained fever, regardless of their travel history.


Even though the spread rate of Malaria is low in the US. People should be alert to the symptoms and causes.
The CDC, together with local health departments, is actively controlling the situation and ensuring that affected individuals receive proper treatment. By staying alert and following correct precautions, the spread of malaria can be reduced, protecting the health and well-being of residents in these regions.

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