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“Love & Pebble” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

Love & Pebble, is a natural skin care products line started by Lynda Truong and Paul Truong in 2018. As of September 2023, Love & Pebble’s net worth is $1.5 million. The company is pulling in a whopping $1.2 million in annual revenue. 

In 2021, they appeared on  Season 13 of Shark Tank USA, seeking  $150,000 for 10% of equity, valuing the company at $1.5 million. But the Sharks were not interested in investing in Love & Pebble. 

Even though Love and Pebble couldn’t get a deal from Shark Tank, the company is still active in business. Love and Pebble provides a range of beauty pops. You can purchase them through the Love and Pebble website, Amazon, and selected stores.

Love & Pebble Net Worth

Net worth$1.5 million (2023)
Annual Sales Revenue$1.2 million estimated* (2023)
Lifetime sales$8.9 million (2021)
FounderLynda Truong and Paul Truong 
Employees5 -10

Love & Pebble Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2023$1.5 million
Net Worth 2022$1.5 million
Net Worth 2021
Net Worth 2020
Net worth valuation 2021 before appearing on Shark Tank  $1.5 million

Love & Pebble Pitch on Shark Tank

Company nameLove & Pebble
ProductNatural skin care masks
EpisodeSeason 13 Episode 07
Founders Lynda Truong and Paul Truong
Asked for$150,000 for 10% Equity
Final dealNo deal
LocationAtlanta, Georgia

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Love & Pebble Founders

Lynda Truong and Paul Truong founded Love & Pebble in 2018. Paul comes with a background in pharmaceuticals with a doctorate in pharmacy. Along with his wife Lynda, the duo came up with the idea of making natural toxin-free skin care masks. Love & Pebble’s founders, Lynda Truong and Paul Truong have a net worth of $1 million as of 2022.

Key accomplishments:

2021Shark Tank appearance 
2022The company became popular on social media platforms with  110.4k followers and 2.7 million likes on its TikTok account
2022Partnering with “Project Beauty Share” to manufacture personal hygiene, cosmetic and beauty products for women


From their beginnings on Shark Tank to their current status as a thriving business, Love & Pebble have proven that with the right idea and execution, anything is possible. We can’t wait to see the future for Love & Pebble and its continued success.

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