While buying the right bed, there come multiple factors that must be kept in mind. Because it is a matter of your comfort and affordability. Getting a proper night’s sleep is very much important and that is why you need the right-sized bed for yourself and at times for your partner as well to spend the quality time by watching movies on Ocean Movies. Several considerations must be kept in mind. And some of them are, your room size, your height if you are sleeping alone or with a partner, etc. There are two-bed sizes namely the Twin Bed and the Twin Bed. But if asked, what is the basic difference between these two, we have explained here some of them for you.

Twin Bed

Here, we are excluding the crib size bed. The twin bed can be considered the smallest bed size available in the market. The size of a twin bed is 39 inches wide and 74 inches long. This bed is big enough for a single kid and one moderate size adult. There is another size that comes under the twin category. This is known as the Twin XL size whose length is six inches longer than the twin bed. Then twin beds always remain the most common and in-demand beds. That is why the demand for twin size mattresses is also at its peak always. A quality bed and a comfortable mattress make the perfect duo.


  • These beds are of very low cost and are very much budget-friendly.
  • They are very light and portable
  • Since the size is very popular, therefore the sizes are also easily available and very cheap.


  • These beds are too small for more than one person.


Talking about the size, these beds are easily found set in the hostels and dorms. They are also found in the children’s room in a household, The kids can use these beds till the time they are grown-up adults.


If you are single and sleep all by yourself, then this bed would do.  If you prefer a cozier place to sleep, then this bed is the perfect one. Again, those looking to save some money must without any doubt go for the twin-size bed.


Since the twin-size bed is very much common, you can easily find all the accessories like the bedsheets, the linens, the bed covers, etc. You can find plenty of them and at every outlet and also in different prints and patterns. They are also very much inexpensive.

Required Room Size

For placing a twin-size bed, a room of 7 feet by 10 feet would any day do. This is the minimum size that is required for a room to adjust a twin bed apart from the other furniture, walking space, etc.

Full Bed

This bed is also at times known as the double bed. The dimension of this bed is about 54 inches wide and 74 inches long. A couple preferring cozy space can adjust in this bed much comfortably. But, those couples who require some space in their bed or have a kid or pet must not go for this model.


  • These beds are not only budget-friendly but also provide more space than a twin bed.
  • They are very much suited for taller people.


  • These beds are comparatively heavier than the twin beds and shifting becomes a bit hard.
  • They are, though budget-friendly but are quite more expensive than the twin bed sets.
  • These beds can be uncomfortable for some couples because of less space.


A single person can with ease sleep in a full-size bed having adequate space to spread. This also helps in saving money and space in the room. But for those whose height is about 6 feet, this bed can be a bit short. But, a full-size bed does have a larger footprint.


It is often said that a full-size bed is ideal for those singles whose height is no more than 5 feet 5 inches. But this is not the case. In a full-size bed, a single person can have plenty of room to stretch and move with comfort. Though the width is less the length is a few inches more than the twin-size bed.

Also, a full-size bed isn’t impossible for couples as well. Each person gets approx 2 feet for himself and that could be enough for some people. By making this work, you are saving both money as well as space in your room as suggested by brcanski forum.


Just like your twin bed, finding accessories for your full-size bed is also very easy. This site is also very popular among the customers and you can get the rest of the accessories at any general store and with variety in prints and quality. You shall also get two standard pillow covers. These items would also be very much inexpensive and budget-friendly just like the twin beds.

Required Room Size

For placing a full-size bed, a room of 10 feet by 10 feet would work great. This is the minimum size that is required for a room along with furniture and some extra space for walking.

Now, let us look at the full bed vs twin bed comparison table.

Easy to ShiftHard to Shift
Needs little space in a roomNeeds large space than a twin
The accessories are inexpensiveAccessories are a bit more expensive
39” x 74”54” x 74”


So, if you are a single sleeper then all that matters is the space and comfort. It is important to keep stretching and moving around in a bed. Otherwise, you might face issues like back aches or pain. You would never be satisfied if there is no space for movement in the bed. Both the twin beds and the full beds are budget-friendly and that is why additional cost does not matter in such comparisons. Take our suggestion and go for full-size beds over a twin.

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