When you hear about identity theft, you might think about virtual impersonation; well! It is most certainly more than that. Identity theft is a serious issue that leads to financial risks for an individual. Pretending to be someone else may give one access to exploit one’s identity and reputation.

Kids these days are always online, learning new things and trying to push boundaries. Many a time, they might get ahead of themselves, and commit an online crime. Maybe they only wanted to experience something new, and now they have broken some federal laws. Continue reading this article to find out about the things that one should be aware of while using the internet and social media.

Hacking: When one tries to access other people’s profiles (social media or any other online profile) without their consent, it is considered hacking. Hacking is a serious crime that can lead you behind the bars. Thieves hack into someone’s account in order to gain access to their bank statements and other data. The data can be further utilized for making more monetary gain. At times, teens might want to learn ethical hacking by pushing the boundary a bit further.

Pornographic Materials: Posting unsolicited nude photographs without consent can lead one to a serious problem. You shouldn’t post pictures of anyone without consent, let alone posting nude or pornographic images. The issue is not about moral or ethics; it is a criminal offense and needs to be dealt with promptly. At times, teens find it amusing to post their partner’s nudes online to humiliate them. This cheap move can come and cause damage to the reputation of both the party involved. Before committing such stupid crimes, kids should think about the consequences of the same.

  • Studies reveal that more than 50% of women online receive unsolicited nude images. Acts like these are part of online harassment that the California law is fighting long against. In 2016 a new bill was introduced to make sharing unsolicited nude photos illegally.
  • One can only hope that such laws will be stricter, as time passes by. Therefore, before sharing or forwarding nude images of some unknown woman, stop and think about the legal consequences.

The Remedy: What if you find your children victim to such abuse? What would you do to prevent the unfortunate event? You will most definitely hire a criminal lawyer to get the perpetrator the punishment they deserve. On the other side of the coin, you may find out that your own child has committed an online crime unknowingly. If you find your kids facing criminal charges, be sure to prepare a defense to get them out of jail.

  • Depending on the seriousness of the crime, the bail amount can be quite high. If you are not ready to pay the full bail amount, you can always access the bail bonds services. In California, defendants may choose a trustworthy bail bonds service in Sacramento to pay on your behalf while you pay them only a portion of the whole bail amount as a fee.

Do not let one little mistake of a youth ruin your kid’s prospects. Be sure to stand by him with every step and provide him with the guidance that he requires the most.

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